School of Theology Undergraduate Scholarships

The School of Theology at Seattle Pacific University nominates returning students for financial assistance from several endowed scholarship funds. Below you’ll find the eligibility requirements for each.

Scholarship applications for the 2024-2025 academic year may now be submitted online before the 4:00 p.m. deadline on Friday, March 1, 2024

Harry and Lois ANSTEAD Missionary Scholarship: Students preparing to be Free Methodist career missionaries or children of Free Methodist career missionaries.

Lowell BERRY Memorial Scholarship: Students who are financially needy who have a minimum 2.5 ongoing GPA who have demonstrated a genuine interest in evangelism, and who are involved in a study program that has world evangelism and revitalization of the local church ministry as its objective.

Tony and Thelma BETTENCOURT Christian Scholarship: Students seriously preparing themselves for some form of full-time Christian ministry. Preference given to those who have demonstrated this by their course selection and extra-curricular involvement.

Elvis and Gordon COCHRANE Scholarship: Students majoring in either Theology or Sociology. It is specifically agreed that the even-year scholarships (e.g. 2024-2025) will be awarded by the School of Theology and that the odd-year scholarships (e.g. 2025-2026) will be awarded by the Department of Sociology.

Charles FOGG Scholarship: Students who have a life goal of pastoral ministry.

Charlotte A. FORSLUND Scholarship Endowment:  Awarded to students with an interest in children's ministry.

Crete HAMMERSLA Christian Service Scholarship: Theology majors with demonstrated financial need who are preparing for full-time Christian service.

HASLAM Family Christian Ministries Scholarship: Students preparing to serve as missionaries, or pastors, or in other Christian service careers.

Lawrence and Mary HAWLEY Free Methodist Ministry Scholarship: Students preparing for professional ministry within the Free Methodist Church.

Bob and Joannie HIGBEE Youth Ministry Scholarship: Students currently actively involved in Young Life or youth ministry and the University campus community. Preference given to juniors and seniors currently involved in Young Life.

Walter and Esther HELSEL Free Methodist Ministry Scholarship: Students with a minimum 3.0 GPA who have completed at least 75 credits and are preparing for professional ministry within the Free Methodist Church in one of the following areas: pastoral ministry, Christian education, or missionary service.

Charles KIRKPATRICK Missions Scholarship: Students pursuing a career in missions or majoring in theology. Preference given to Free Methodist students pursuing a career in missions.

E.F. and Margaret MCCARTY Scholarship: Students preparing for missionary work and/or students who are children of missionaries.

Ellen Joyce PINNT Scholarship: Students majoring in theology.

Bill and Olive WOODWARD Memorial Scholarship: Students studying in the areas of theology and fine arts who are actively engaged in exploring the integration of the arts and Christian faith.