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Increasingly, the either/or dichotomy of traditional versus contemporary is being transformed into a both/and synthesis by both newly planted and firmly established congregations. These growing congregations are experiencing freshly renewed and faithfully authentic connection with God in multidimensional worship, which is both traditional and contemporary in the best sense of the terms.

Known elsewhere as ancient-future worship, postmodern worship, or even alternative worship, multidimensional worship is confluence of tradition and innovation, of reason and passion, of certainty and mystery, of theology and the arts, of communion and service. As such, it is important to recognize that as a new, culturally conditioned endeavor, multidimensional worship requires critical, interdisciplinary reflection and analysis along with renewed creativity and perseverance. Below are resources that will help you facilitate such reflection and creativity.


Image: A Journal of Arts and Religion
A quarterly journal on writing and visual artwork that embodies a spiritual struggle, that seeks to strike a balance between tradition and a profound openness to the world.

Reformed Worship
A quarterly magazine, Reformed Worship provides practical help and support to worship planners. Each issue includes ideas, tips, and nuts-and-bolts advice on planning, structuring, and leading your church in worship. With no advertising, it has only solid pick-up-and-use resources and perspectives. A valuable resource supporting traditional, contemporary and blended types of worship services.

Worship Leader
A quarterly magazine for contemporary worship leaders and musicians. Articles cover a range of practical and theoretical material. Contributors range from national figures to local worship leaders and pastors.

Alternative Worship
Get your questions answered about alternative worship — both theoretical and practical. Find resources, links, and networks of other worshippers exploring new territory for corporate worship.

Enter the Worship Circle
Answers to questions about alternative worship — both theoretical and practical. Find resources, links, and networks of other worshippers exploring new territory for corporate worship.

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Rigorous scholarship and practical resources to enrich Christian worship in churches throughout North America. In addition to maintaining an extensive online resource guide and “virtual” bookshelf, the Calvin Institute sponsors the Annual Symposium on Worship & the Arts and the Worship Renewal Grants Program for local congregations.

Christians in the Theatre Arts
Encourages and equips Christians in the theatre arts, both in professional contexts outside the church and contexts inside the church. This national network seeks to improve the quality and credibility of theatre work done by Christians in North America, as well as create an atmosphere of acceptance for the wide diversity of theatre ministries through dialogue and resource sharing.

Christians in the Visual Arts
Exists to explore and nurture relationship between the visual arts and the Christian faith by encouraging Christians in the visual arts to develop their particular callings to the highest professional level possible, providing opportunities for sharing work and ideas, fostering intelligent understanding, a spirit of trust, and a cooperative relationship between those in the arts, the church, and society.

Since the late 1990s, Emergent has been motivated by the overwhelming hunch that “exciting things are afoot and bright challenging days ahead.” Facilitated by Brian McLaren and other postmodern thinkers, this website seeks to provide resources, connections, and guidance into the emerging Christian community.

Indelible Grace Music
Seeks to help the church recover the tradition of putting old hymns to new music for each generation, and to enrich our worship with a huge view of God and his indelible grace. Online are mp3s, charts, articles, and Internet links.

Iona and Wild Goose Resource Group
Christian ecumenical community of men and women from different walks of life and different Christian traditions engaging with young people and others in areas of social justice, peace issues, worship, and spirituality. The Wild Goose Resource Group is a subsidiary group existing to enable and equip congregations and clergy in the shaping and creation of new forms or relevant, participative worship.

Spencer Burke
A former pastor in a Southern California mega-church, Spencer Burke has pulled together a team to create an online community forging a new way in ministry. The Ooze maintains an extensive website including everything from articles and bulletin boards, to a digital art gallery ant The Oozetank, a collaborative digital workspace. Perhaps The Ooze’s largest contribution is the hosting of the annual person-to-person “learning party,” the Soularize conference.

Taize Community
Every week from early spring to late autumn, young adults from different continents arrive on the hill of Taize. They are searching for meaning in their lives, in communion with many others. By going to the wellsprings of trust in God, they set out on an inner pilgrimage that encourages them to build relationships of trust among human beings. Central to this pilgrimage are the simply meditative songs of the Taize Community. The website contains ordering information, pictures, stories, and the history of this remarkable community.

Technologies for Worship Ministries
Exists to educate church leadership, lay and pastoral, about the use of various electronic media in worship environments. TWM published a magazine, Technologies for Worship Magazine, hosts the annual Inspiration Conference, and hosts the Christian Association for Technical Support Online Service Directory.

Worship Music
Exists to “increase worship in the earth” and provide valuable resources for creative worship. This website features both instructional and practical aids such as song books, videos, and DVDs from popular names such as Worship Together, Vineyard, and Passion, as well as from independent labels.

International Christian Dance Fellowship
An ecumenical fellowship that links individuals and organizations involved in dance and movement ministries around the world. Activities of ICDF include international conferences, tours, publications, and networks for specialist interests. Links to many national Christian dance fellowships are included at the International site.

Worship Together
Provides worship resources for a new generation from downloadable chorus sheet music, discussion boards, an online store, and the NewSong Cafe, where you take an inside look at the inspiration, songs, and technique of many national worship leaders.

“It is the voice of the Church that is heard in singing together. It is not you that sings, it is the Church that is singing, and you, as a member of the Church, may share in its song.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
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