Student Stories: Bill Douthit

One thing that played a part in my decision to become a theology major had to do with being homeschooled. Not only were my parents teachers in the academic subjects, but they also acted as my mentors, helping me grow in Christ. We would spend mornings in his Word before lessons and pray almost nightly as a family. It gave me a deep passion for theology and a longing to further my understanding of it.

My dad continues to be someone who is strong in his faith and relationship with Christ. Whenever I find myself struggling, I know he is a phone call away, and ready with Scripture that will encourage me. He puts God first in all he does, which is exactly why I want my walk and relationship with God to mirror his.

When I was in high school I thought I wanted to become a history teacher. But it didn’t take long once I was at SPU to realize it wasn’t right for me. I realized the one thing have always been passionate about is theology. My church friends used to call me “Bible Man,” because I was always the first one to answer questions in Sunday school. I always wanted more out of my walk with him; that led me to become a theology major.

When I came to SPU it was fantastic to join a community of people who desired to grow in their relationship with Christ. After joining SPU’s Crew team, I met people and had a coach who desired to do work for the Lord. Being around people who were looking to grow was encouragement to my faith. I have a network of friends who encourage me whenever I need.

One of the highlights of my time in the School of Theology was when I took “Four Gospels, One Jesus,” taught by Dr. Neinhuis. I’d leave class with a crazed look on my face, processing what I had just taken in, and would spend hours afterward talking to whoever would listen about how amazing class was. The class required hours of library research and time in the Bible, but I realized one day that I loved every second of it.

Dr. Neinhuis made a lasting impression on me. He took what I thought I knew about the Gospels and kindly showed me there was a lot I needed to know. As my personal faculty advisor, he has been the greatest help in getting me where I need to go in my major. He’s got an electric personality in the classroom, and you can tell he’s passionate about his studies. When a professor is passionate about his work, it makes me twice as passionate.

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