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Seattle Pacific Seminary aspires to connect, equip, and empower God’s people to be a transformative presence in the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to do this in a variety of ways, both online and offline, through the ministry of the centers that are housed in the School of Theology of Seattle Pacific Seminary, and also through our online resources:

Center for Biblical and Theological Education
The Center for Biblical and Theological Education (CBTE) is an arm of the Seattle Pacific University School of Theology, dedicated to providing biblical and theological education for the SPU community, the church, and the world. The CBTE does this through a variety of ways, such as convening the Lectio: Guided Bible Reading and hosting workshops and other public events that engage leading theologians on the most pressing issues the church faces; such public events include the annual Palmer lecture and the annual Walls lecture.

Center for Worship
The Center for Worship seeks to equip students and church leaders to thoughtfully engage the culture through vital ministry of music. The Center does this through worship courses available for undergraduate and Seminary credit, and through periodic events open to the public.

The SignPosts is the virtual community of Seattle Pacific Seminary.  This online space is devoted to hosting stories and periodic symposiums for the community of students and faculty at Seattle Pacific Seminary.  If you are interested in learning more about some of the happenings around the Seminary, we invite you to visit this blog for a virtual window into our community.

Visit Events
If you’re thinking about pursuing a seminary degree or simply interested in taking classes, we invite you to experience Seattle Pacific first hand at one of our prospective student events. We offer three events during the year for those who are discerning a decision to attend SPS in November, February, or May.

Stephen Newby teaching

Why I Teach at SPU

Stephen Newby, Associate Professor of Music; Director of Composition

"I love to teach music at SPU because I get to equip and nurture the next generation of creators, innovators, inventors, and artists. Teaching is an extraordinary gift from God. I believe the Wise Creator is the giver of every good and perfect gift. Therefore, I am blessed to teach."