Student Handbook

A student walks home after a day of class

Message From the Vice Provost 

The Seattle Pacific University community is an exceptional place to learn. We are blessed to be located in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. SPU is a place that offers you the opportunity to explore, develop, and engage whether you are in or out of the classroom. We encourage you to be curious about unfamiliar concepts and practices; to discover new ideas and ways of knowing; to be passionate about what is important to you and the community; and to attend to our call in this world as God’s children.

This handbook provides guidelines regarding the living out of our community values. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures. If you have any need for clarification, or have suggestions for improvement, contact the Office of Student Life.

Thank you for being an integral part of this community. And, as you deepen your knowledge and broaden your experience, we wish you greater discernment and wisdom in order to effect change on our campus and in this world.

Jeffrey C. JordanJeffrey C. Jordan, EdD
Vice Provost for Student Formation and Community Engagement



Last published on 4/1/2021