Office of Student Life Mission Statement

A complete understanding of education recognizes that learning occurs both in and outside the classroom. Student Life is committed to providing educational opportunities and support services consistent with Seattle Pacific University’s mission. Student Life programs and services focus on individuals and groups with the purposes of

  • Supporting, complementing, and coordinating student learning consistent with University learning outcomes;
  • Providing opportunities for community development that enhance the student experience;
  • Addressing needs, overcoming barriers, and developing strategies for success;
  • Facilitating reconciliation in the context of a diverse community;
  • Guiding the discovery of giftedness and calling with a purpose of serving the common good;
  • Developing self-knowledge, skills, and practices for personal well-being and effective professional relationships; and
  • Understanding and embodying integrity, civility, and wisdom in order to serve and lead.

Last published on 4/1/2015