Living in Community at Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University provides students with a unique opportunity to explore answers to challenging questions in the context of a caring community. While honoring the diversity among members of our campus community, Seattle Pacific University asks faculty, staff, and students to explore the Christian faith and its implications for our personal and corporate lives, for our academic disciplines, and for the complex issues we face in our society and world. Academic programs along with residential and campus life, co-curricular activities, and community service contribute to Seattle Pacific’s vision to be a grace-filled community that nurtures people of competence and character, cultivates the scholarship of wisdom, and equips people to engage our culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our campus community is enriched by diverse faith traditions within our student body, and is therefore committed to honoring and respecting these traditions. SPU is committed to the life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the Office of Student Life seeks to do the following:

  • Develop outstanding curricular and co-curricular worship, discipleship, and service programs that contribute to the fulfillment of our mission and vision as a Christian university.
  • Give all students the opportunity to explore the meaning and implications of the Christian faith while at the same time honoring the diversity of our student body.
  • Encourage students’ responsibility for their own spiritual accountability.
  • Provide abundant opportunities for the development of an informed and thoughtful faith, a vibrant worship life, engagement in a grace-filled community, holistic discipleship, and culture-engaging local and global service.
  • Facilitate students’ growth in leadership abilities through student-led programs.

Last published on 3/24/2015