Motor Vehicles and Parking

The Office of Safety and Security manages campus parking. SPU is located in a residential area with limited street parking. Campus parking is available to both residential and commuter students. Parking applications are available online to all registered students through the Banner Information System. A quarterly fee is charged to use campus parking facilities. See below for additional information, and go to for full information about parking on campus.

Parking Assignments

Residential parking lot assignments are assigned based on the student's living area, year in school, and the date that the application is turned in. Residents of Ashton, Emerson, Hill, Moyer, Arnett, Falcon, Davis, the Wesley Apartments and most campus apartments are eligible for assignments in the parking areas of their respective buildings.

Any on-campus resident is eligible to apply for a space in the general commuter parking areas, including the Dravus lot, which is located next to the Library. Level 2 of the Dravus Lot is designated as assigned residential and carpool parking. Levels 1, 3, 4 and 5 are designated for commuter students, faculty and staff. Commuting students may also apply for a parking permit that allows them to park in any of the designated commuter parking lots. These spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • A quarterly fee is charged to the student's account when an assignment is made.
  • Students who do not receive a parking space in a lot will be put on the waiting list for the lot they prefer.

Each lot has at its entry points a sign stating which decal designation is allowed to park within it. Vehicles of students who have received a residence hall lot assignment are designated "Resident" on their parking decals. For other students a "Commuter" designated decal will determine which parking lot may be used.

For additional information about parking rules, regulations, and hours, see the Office of Safety and Security's Parking & Vehicle Registration web pages.

Parking Regulations

Anyone operating a motor vehicle on campus is required to be familiar with the University parking regulations. Review the parking policies and regulations from the Office of Safety and Security website.

Vehicle Registration

Every motorized vehicle brought to campus, either for temporary or for yearlong use, must be registered with the Office of Safety and Security.


Students may register their vehicle by applying online via their Banner account, or in person at the Office of Safety and Security.


Visitors may obtain daily guest parking permits at the Office of Safety and Security. A guest-parking permit allows a visitor to park in any commuter lot.

Towing and Ticketing

Students parking in a space not assigned to them are subject to immediate towing or ticketing by Safety and Security patrols. Complaints by assigned owners of parking spaces should be directed to the Office of Safety and Security at 206-281-2922.

The Seattle Police Department tickets/tows all cars violating city regulations, including cars parked on restricted parking strips or too near driveways.

Traffic Fines

The owner of a vehicle brought to campus is accountable for the vehicle at all times, regardless of who is driving when a violation occurs. Traffic fines are automatically charged to a student's account. A schedule of fines can be found on the back side of the parking citation.

Should a vehicle owner wish to protest a traffic fine, a complete parking petition must be filed in the Office of Safety and Security within 10 days of the date and time the violation was cited. Petition forms are available in the Office of Safety and Security.


SPU does not assume liability or responsibility for motor vehicles parked on SPU property or adjacent streets, nor for the contents of these vehicles.

Last published on 5/26/2021