Additional Faculty

Library faculty

Carrie Fry, Sciences Librarian; Instructor; BS, Seattle Pacific University, 1992; MLS, Indiana University-Bloomington, 1993. At SPU since 1998.

Liz Gruchala-Gilbert, College of Arts and Sciences Librarian; Associate Professor; BA, State University of New York-Buffalo, 1989; MAT, Vanderbilt University, 1990; MLS, University of Washington, 1997. At SPU since 2001.

Janet Hauck, Business and Social Sciences Librarian; Instructor; BA, Seattle Pacific University, 1977; MLIS, University of Washington, 1986. At SPU since 2019. 

Kristen Hoffman, Psychology and Scholarly Communications Librarian; Instructor; BA, Seattle Pacific University, 2004; MLIS, San Jose State University, 2009. At SPU since 2013.

Becky Paulson, Acquisitions Librarian; Assistant Professor; BRE, Prairie Bible College, 1992; BA, Northwest University, 1999; MLIS, University of Washington, 2001; MBA, Seattle Pacific University, 2010. At SPU since 2001.

Michael Paulus, Dean of the Library; Assistant Provost for Educational Technology; Associate Professor; BA, University of Washington, 1993; MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2002; MLIS, Rutgers University, 2004. DMin, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, 2021. At SPU since 2011.

Stephen Perisho, Theology and Philosophy Librarian; Associate Professor; BA, George Fox College, 1984; MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1990; ThM, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1998; MLIS, Rutgers University, 2002. At SPU since 2002.

R. John Robertson, Assistant Dean for Instructional Design and Emerging Technologies; Assistant Professor; BD, University of Edinburgh, 1997; MSc, University of Strathclyde, 2005; MCS, Regent College, 2006. At SPU since 2017.

Natalee Vick, Head of Technical Services; Instructor; BA, University of Montana, 1988; MLS, University of Washington, 1993. At SPU since 1999.

Emeriti faculty

Martin Abbott, Sociology. BS, Portland State University, 1974; MA, Pepperdine University, 1976; PhD, Portland State University, 1984. At SPU 1985–2017. Emeritus since 2017.

Miriam Adeney, Theology, BA, Wheaton College, 1967; MA, Syracuse University, 1969; PhD, Washington State University, 1980. At SPU 1976–2022. Emerita since 2022.

Tom Amorose, English. BA, Ohio State University, 1972; PhD, University of Washington, 1978. At SPU 1996–2022. Emeritus since 2022.

David Anderson, Music. BA, Whitworth College; MMus, University of Oregon. At SPU 1992–2018. Emeritus since 2018.

JoAnn Atwell-Scrivner, Health and Human Performance. BA, Willamette University, 1976; MS, Whitworth University, 1991; MA, Seattle Pacific University, 2007; PhD, Gonzaga University, 2010. At SPU 1991–2019. Emerita since 2019.

Bruce Baker, Business. BS, California Institute of Technology, 1978; MBA, Stanford University, 1981; MDiv, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2001; PhD, University of St. Andrews (Scotland), 2010. At SPU 2004–22. Emeritus since 2022.

Kathryn Bartholomew, Languages. BA, University of Washington, 1969; MA, University of Washington, 1970; PhD, University of Washington, 1978. At SPU 1989–2018. Emerita since 2018.

Cindy Bishop, Biology. BS, Seattle Pacific University, 1980; DVM, Washington State University, 1984. At SPU 2000–2023. Emerita since 2023.

Daniel Bishop, Education. BAE, Pacific Lutheran University, 1980; MA, Educational Administration, Pacific Lutheran University, 1988; EdD, Seattle Pacific University, 2012. At SPU 2002–23. Emeritus since 2023.

John Bond, Education. BA, Western Washington University, 1972; MEd, University of Washington 1976; EdD, Seattle Pacific University, 2003. At SPU 2008–22. Emeritus since 2022.

Janet Leslie Blumberg, English. BA, University of Washington, 1968; MA, 1969; PhD, Harvard University, 1976. At SPU 1974–2001. Emerita since 2001.

Kevin Bolding, Electrical Engineering. BA, Rice University, 1988; MS, University of Washington, 1991; PhD, University of Washington, 1993. At SPU 1995–2020. Emeritus since 2020.

Barbara Bovy, Family and Consumer Sciences. BS, University of Idaho, 1960; MA, University of Washington 1971; PhD, University of Washington, 1979. At SPU 1978–2008. Emerita since 2008.

Ronald Boyce, Urban and Regional Studies. Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences. BS, University of Utah, 1956; MS, 1957; PhD, University of Washington, 1961. At SPU 1976–97. Emeritus since 1997.

Kathleen Braden, Geography. BA, Boston University, 1972; MA, University of Washington, 1974; PhD, University of Washington, 1981. At SPU 1982-2016. Emerita since 2016.

Janet Buck, Mathematics. BS, Seattle Pacific College, 1955. At SPU 1957–96. Emerita since 1996.

Michael Caldwell, Art. BS, University of Oregon, 1968; MFA. University of Oregon, 1970. At SPU 1970–2006.  Emeritus since 2006.

Gordon Cochrane, Sociology. BA, Seattle Pacific College, 1950; MA, 1957; PhD, University of Southern California, 1968. At SPU 1965–89. Emeritus since 1989.

Bruce Congdon, Biology. Dean of CAS, Division of Sciences; BS, College of the Ozarks,1979; MS Colorado State University, 1981; PhD, University of California Riverside, 1985. At SPU 1985–2019. Emeritus since 2019.

Reed Davis, Political Science. BA, University of Pennsylvania, 1978; MA, University of Pennsylvania, 1978; PhD, University of Virginia, 1991. At SPU 1989–2021. Emeritus since 2021.

Kerry Dearborn, Theology. BA, Whitman College, 1972; MA, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1988; PhD, University of Aberdeen, 1994. At SPU 1997–2016. Emerita since 2016.

Jon Deming, Economics. BA, Whitman College, 1971; MA, University of Oregon, 1974; PhD, University of Oregon, 1979. At SPU 1977–2014. Emeritus since 2014.

Douglas Downing, Economics.  BS, Yale University, 1979; PhD, Yale University, 1987. At SPU 1983–2018. Emeritus since 2018.

Robert Drovdahl, Theology. BA, Seattle Pacific College, 1971; MA, Wheaton Graduate School, 1974; PhD, Michigan State University, 1980. At SPU 1978–2022. Emeritus since 2022.

Doug Durasoff, Political Science. BA, Michigan State University, 1966; MPhil, Yale University, 1969; PhD, Yale University, 1978. At SPU 1986–2010. Emeritus since 2010.

Dirk “Rick” Eigenbrood, Education. BA, Dordt College, 1974; MA, University of Washington, 1979; PhD, University of Iowa, 1988. At SPU 2001–2019. Emeritus since 2019.

Art Ellis, Education. BS, Oregon College of Education, 1962; MS, Oregon College of Education, 1965; PhD, University of Oregon, 1968. At SPU 1986–2019. Emeritus since 2019.

Ruby Englund, Nursing. BS, Gustavus Adolphus College, 1964; MSN, University of Washington, 1965. At SPU 1970–2007. Emerita since 2007.

Joyce Quiring Erickson, English. Dean, College of Arts and Sciences. BA, North Central College, 1965; MA, University of Washington, 1966; PhD, University of Washington, 1970. At SPU 1969–83, 1992–2003. Emerita since 2003.

Al Erisman, Business, Government & Economics. Executive in Residence. BS, Northern Illinois University, 1962; MS, Iowa State University, 1967; PhD, Iowa State University, 1969. At SPU 2001–2017. Emeritus since 2017.

Roger Feldman, Art. BA, University of Washington, 1972; MFA, Claremont Graduate University, 1977. At SPU 2000–17. Emeritus since 2017.

Alberto Ferreiro, History. BA, University of Texas-Arlington, 1977; MA, University of Texas-Arlington, 1979; PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara, 1986. At SPU 1986–2022. Emeritus since 2022.

Gary Fick, Library. BA, State University of New York-Buffalo, 1971; MS, 1973; MLS, 1974; MA, University of Washington, 1983. At SPU 1974–2013. Emeritus since 2013.

Susan Franklin, Education. BA, University of Washington; MEd, Seattle Pacific University, 1990. At SPU 1985–2002. Emerita since 2002.

Mary Fry, Nursing. BSN, University of Washington, 1966; MSN, University of Washington, 1972; PhD, Oregon Health Science University, 1994; At SPU 1969–2009. Emerita since 2009.

Fan Gates, English. BA, Baylor University, 1956; MA, Mississippi State University, 1963. At SPU 1963–99.  Emerita since 1999.

Claudia Grauf-Grounds, Marriage and Family Therapy. BA, Stanford University, 1976; MA, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1978; PhD, University of Southern California, 1988. At SPU 2000–17. Emerita since 2017.

Evette Hackman, Family and Consumer Sciences. BS, University of Nebraska, 1964; MS, University of Kansas, 1966; PhD, University of Washington, 1980. At SPU 1991–2004. Emerita since 2004.

Michael Hamilton, History. BA, Seattle Pacific University, 1986; MA, University of Notre Dame, 1988; PhD, University of Notre Dame, 1995. Emeritus since 2017.

Joy Hammersla, Psychology. BA, Seattle Pacific College, 1954; MS, University of Washington, 1962; PhD, 1974. At SPU 1981–96. Emerita since 1996.

Patricia Hammill, Education. BA, University of Washington, 1969; MEd, 1974; PhD, 1987. At SPU 1988–2002. Emerita since 2002.

Eric Hanson, Music. BME, Wheaton College, 1971; MM, Colorado State University, 1974; AMusD, University of Washington, 1986. At SPU 1979–2016. Emeritus since 2016.

Shirley Harlow, Nursing. BA, University of Oregon, 1948; BS, 1951; MA, New York University, 1965. At SPU 1976–88. Emerita since 1988.

Daniel Harris, Business and Economics. BA, Westmont College, 1963; MBA, University of California at Los Angeles, 1965; PhD, 1970. At SPU 1970–90. Emeritus since 1990.

Sandra Hartje,, Family and Consumer Sciences. BS, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 1979; MS, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 1984; PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 1998. At SPU 1989–2023. Emerita since 2023.

Sharon Hartnett, Education. BA, Whitworth College, 1978; MAT Whitworth College, 1985; PhD, Gonzaga University, 1999. At SPU 2000–14.  Emerita since 2014.

Chester Hausken,  Education. BA, St. Olaf College, 1951; MA, University of Northern Colorado, 1956; EdD, 1963. At SPU 1982–97.  Emeritus since 1997.

Doris Heritage, Physical Education. BS, Seattle Pacific College, 1964; MEd, 1975. At SPU 1969–02.  Emerita since 2002.

Dan Hess, Business. BA, Wheaton College, 1971; MBA, University of Washington, 1975; PhD, University of Arizona, 1982. At SPU 1977–2019. Emeritus since 2019.

Emily Hitchens, Nursing. BS, University of Washington, 1965; MS, University of Washington 1967; EdD, Seattle University, 1988. At SPU 1981–2008. Emerita since 2008.

Ramona Holmes, Music Education. BS, Portland State University, 1974; MA in Teaching, University of Washington, 1978; MA, University of Washington, 1982; DMA, University of Washington, 1990. At SPU 1994–2019.

Donald Holsinger, History. BA, Bethel College, 1970; PhD, Northwestern University, 1979. At SPU 1990–2018. Emeritus since 2018.

Robert Hughson, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Science, and Physics. BS, Seattle Pacific College, 1959; MS, University of Washington, 1961. At SPU 1961–2003. Emeritus since 2003.

Barbara Innes, Nursing. BSN, University of Washington, 1963; MS, University of California-San Francisco, 1969; EdD, Seattle University, 1989. At SPU 1976–2006.  Emerita since 2006.

Rick Jackson, Journalism. BA, Pennsylvania State University. 1977; MA, University of Washington, 1995; PhD, University of Washington, 2005. At SPU 1995–2019. Emeritus since 2019. 

Steve Johnson,, Education. BA, Westmont College, 1974; PhD, University of Minnesota, 1982. At SPU 1982–2023. Emeritus since 2023.

Wayne Johnson, Music. BA, Bob Jones University, 1969;  MM, University of Cincinnati, 1975; DMA, University of Oregon, 1986. At SPU 1977–2014.  Emeritus since 2014.

Sharleen Kato, Family and Consumer Sciences. BA, Seattle Pacific University, 1984; MA, Michigan State University, 1986; EdD, Seattle Pacific University, 1992. At SPU 1986–2022. Emerita since 2022.

Bill Kauppila, Business, Government & Economics; Executive in Residence. BS. Northern Michigan University, 1967; MBA, Western Michigan University, 1968. At SPU 2006–17. Emeritus since 2017.

Lucille Kelley, Nursing. Dean, School of Health Sciences. BSN, University of Connecticut, 1969; MN, University of Washington, 1973; PhD, 1990. At SPU 1985–2012.  Emerita since 2012.

Elletta Kennison, Education. BA, University of Washington, 1972; MEd, 1978; EdD, 1991. At SPU 1974–2000.  Emerita since 2000.

Herb Kierulff, Entrepreneurship and Finance. BA, Stanford University, 1959; MBA, University of Southern California, 1964; Doctor of Business Administration, University of Southern California, 1967. At SPU 1980–2015. Emeritus since 2015.

Kenneth Knight, Business. BS, Yale University, 1959; MS, Carnegie Mellon University, 1961; PhD, Carnegie Mellon University 1964. At SPU 1988–2008. Emeritus since 2008.

Harriett Kovacevich, Education. BA, Whitman College, 1955; MEd, Seattle Pacific University, 1979. At SPU 1966–96. Emerita since 1996.

Laura Lasworth, Art. BFA, School of Art Institute, 1977; MFA, California Institute of the Arts, 1980. At SPU 2002–2020. Emerita since 2020.

Steve Layman, Philosophy. BA, Calvin College, 1977; PhD, University of California Los Angeles, 1983; At SPU 1986–2016. Emeritus since 2016.

Gene Lemcio, New Testament. BS, Houghton College, 1964; MDiv, Asbury College, 1968; PhD, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 1975. At SPU 1974–2010. Emeritus since 2010.

Wes Lingren, Chemistry. BS, Seattle Pacific College, 1952; MS, University of Washington, 1954; PhD, 1962; National Science Foundation Science Faculty Fellow, Yale University, 1967–68. At SPU 1958–98.  Emeritus since 1998.

Michael Macdonald, European Studies, German, and Philosophy. BA, Pacific Lutheran University, 1963; MA, University of Washington, 1964; PhD, University of Washington, 1974. At SPU 1967–2007. Emeritus since 2007.

Tim Malm, Art. BA, Seattle Pacific College, 1975; BFA, University of Washington, 1978; MFA, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1980. At SPU 1976–2001. Emeritus since 2001.

Gerry Marsh, Music. BA, Northwest Nazarene University, 1967; MM, University of Oregon, 1968 At SPU 1998–2013. Emeritus since 2013.

Curtis Martin, Education. President. BA, Seattle Pacific College, 1955; BD, Bethel Theological Seminary, 1964; MA, University of Washington, 1963; PhD, University of Washington, 1968. At SPU 1963–70 and 1972–94. Emeritus since 1994. 

Vicki McClurg, Nursing. BS. Seattle Pacific College, 1970; M.N., University of Washington, 1981. At SPU 1981–98. Emerita since 1998.

Del McHenry Jr., Psychology. BA, Central Washington State College, 1967; MS, Central Washington University, 1968; PhD, Michigan State University, 1973. At SPU 1973–2006. Emeritus since 2006.

Gaile Moe, Family and Consumer Sciences. BS, University of Washington, 1978; PhD, University of Washington, 1996. At SPU 1994–2019. Emerita since 2019.

Kenneth Moore, Biology. BA, Evangel University, 1960; MA, University of Missouri Kansas City, 1963; PhD, University of New Mexico Albuquerque, 1975. At SPU 1974–2007. Emeritus since 2007.

Ray Myers, Science Education. BS, Wayne State University, 1963; MS, Oregon State University, 1968; EdD, 1978. At SPU 1987–2005. Emeritus since 2005.

Bill Nagy, Education. BA, Michigan State University, 1970; PhD, University of California San Diego, 1974. At SPU 1996–2019. Emeritus since 2019.

Robbin O’Leary, Mathematics. BA, Goshen College, 1980; MS, Idaho State University, 1985; PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 1990. At SPU 1990–2022. Emerita since 2022.

Lorelie Olson, Education. BA, Pacific Lutheran University, 1961; MEd, Seattle Pacific College, 1968; EdD, Seattle University, 1991. At SPU 1976–99. Emerita since 1999.

Don Peter, Electrical Engineering. BS, Seattle Pacific University, 1974; MS, University of Washington, 1976. At SPU 1987–2017. Emeritus since 2017.

Lyle Peter, Chemistry. BS, Seattle Pacific College, 1972; PhD, University of Washington, 1979. At SPU 1979–2014. Emeritus since 2014.

Marilyn Poysky, Nursing. BA, University of Washington, 1964; MS, University of California, 1968. At SPU 1987–2003. Emerita since 2003.

Joanna Poznanska, International Business. MA, University of Warsaw, 1970; PhD, Warsaw University of Technology, 1976. At SPU 1988–2019. Emerita since 2019.

Bill Prenevost, Education. BS, Montana State University Bozeman, 1969; MEd, University of Washington, 1975; PhD, University of Washington, 1992. At SPU 2006–2019. Emeritus since 2019.

Phil Prins, Computer Science. BA, Humboldt State University, 1976, 1978; MS, University of Idaho, 1984; PhD, 1993. At SPU 1992–2012. Emeritus since 2012.

James Rand, Business. BS, Marquette University, 1963. BLaws, La Salle Extension University, 1972. At SPU 1993–2018. Emeritus since 2018.

Luke Reinsma, English. BA, Calvin College, 1970; MA, University of Michigan, 1974; PhD, University of Michigan, 1978. At SPU 1985–14. Emeritus since 2014.

Rick Ridgway, Biology. BS, Seattle Pacific University, 1977; MS, Washington State University, 1983; PhD,  Washington State University, 1988. At SPU 1991–2019. Emeritus since 2019.

Mícheál Roe, Psychology. BA, University of California San Diego, 1973; MEd, University of Washington, 1975; PhD, University of Washington, 1981. At SPU 1988–2019. Emeritus since 2019.

Christina Roseman, Classics. BA, University of Washington, 1957; MA, 1972; PhD, 1983. At SPU 1973–2001. Emerita since 2001.

William Rowley, Counselor Education. Dean, School of Education. BA Pasadena College, 1962; MA, San Jose State College, 1967; EdD, University of Northern Colorado, 1973. At SPU 1996–2008. Emeritus since 2008.

Lynn Samford, Physical Education and Recreation. BA, University of Wyoming, 1950; MEd, Central Washington University, 1961. At SPU 1982–92. Emeritus since 1993.

Tina Schermer-Sellers, Marriage and Family Therapy. BA, San Diego State University, 1982; MS, Seattle Pacific University, 1991. At SPU 1998–2019. Emerita since 2019.

Richard Scheuerman, Education. BA, Washington State University, 1973; MA, Pacific Lutheran University, 1977; PhD, Gonzaga University, 1992. At SPU 2004–17. Emeritus since 2017.

Regina Schlee, Marketing. BA, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 1976; MA, Washington State University, 1978; PhD, Washington State University, 1981. At SPU 1984–2019. Emerita since 2019. 

George Scranton, Theatre. BA, Seattle Pacific University, 1968; MA, Seattle Pacific University, 1971; MA, University of Washington, 1975; PhD, The Graduate Theological Union, 1994. At SPU 1975–2015. Emeritus since 2015.

Debra Sequeira, Communications; Dean of CAS, Division of Arts and Humanities. BA, San Francisco State University; MA, San Francisco State University, 1978; PhD, University of Washington, 1987. At SPU 1990–2020. Emerita since 2020.

Marilyn Severson, European Studies and French. BA, Willamette University, 1962; MA, University of Pittsburgh, 1964; PhD, University of Colorado, 1973. At SPU 1979–2004. Emerita since 2004.

Jay Skidmore, Clinical Psychology. BA Azusa Pacific University, 1976; MA, California State University, 1981; PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1988. At SPU 2001–15. Emeritus since 2015.

Richard Sleight, Spreadsheets and Business Statistics. BA, University of Washington, 1977; MEd, University of Washington, 1980; PhD, University of Washington, 1989. At SPU 1989–2021. Emeritus* since 2021.

Peter Smith, Education. BSEd, Oregon College of Education, 1962; MSEd, 1966; PhD, University of Washington, 1974. At SPU 1970–2002.  Emeritus since  2002.

Richard Smith, Educational Leadership. BA, Seattle Pacific College, 1963; MA, University of Oregon, 1968; PhD, 1972. At SPU 1988–2011. Emeritus since 2012.

Ed Smyth, Educational Ministry. BA, Taylor University Ft Wayne, 1968; MRE, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 1972; EdD, Boston University, 1978. At SPU 1975–2016. Emeritus since 2016.

Frank Spina, Old Testament.  BA, Greenville University, 1965. MDiv, Asbury College, 1968; MA, University of Michigan, 1970; PhD, University of Michigan, 1977. At SPU 1973–2019. Emeritus since 2019.

Les Steele, Christian Formation; Dean, School of Theology; Vice President, Academic Affairs. BA, Azusa Pacific, 1975; MA, 1976; PhD, Claremont Graduate School, 1984. At SPU 1985–12. Emeritus since 2012.

Richard Steele, Theology. BA, Haverford College, 1974; MDiv, Yale Divinity School, 1978; PhD, Marquette University, 1990. At SPU 1995–2023. Emeritus since 2023.

Gerhard Steinke, Business. MBA, Ball State University, 1984; MDiv, Anderson University School of Theology, 1985; PhD, University of Passau, 1992. At SPU 1992–2023. Emeritus since 2023.

Rod Stiling, History. BA, University of California Los Angeles, 1972; MTh, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1980; MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1985; PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1991. At SPU 2001–21. Emeritus since 2021.

Cindy Strong, Education Librarian; Instructor; BA, American University, 1997; MLS, University of Maryland, 2004. At SPU 2009–23. Emerita since 2023.

John Thoburn, Clinical Psychology. BA, University of Kansas, 1976; MDiv, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1984; PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1991. At SPU 1998–2019. Emeritus since 2019.

Myrthalyne Thompson, Psychology. BS, Akron University, 1953; MS, 1955; PhD, Purdue University, 1958. At SPU 1968–87. Emerita since 1987.

Doug Thorpe, English. BA, Beloit College, 1975; MA, University of Washington, 1977; PhD, University of Washington, 1983. At SPU 1992–2019. Emeritus since 2019.

Tom Trzyna, English. BA, University of California Berkeley, 1968; MA, University of Washington, 1974; PhD, University of Washington, 1977. At SPU 1981–2015. Emeritus since 2015.

Jeffrey Van Duzer, Business Ethics and Law; Provost. BA, University of California Berkeley, 1976; JD, Yale University, 1979. At SPU 2001–19. Emeritus since 2019.

Eric Vogt, Languages. BA, University of Hawaii, 1977; MA, University of Missouri, 1983; PhD, University of Missouri, 1988. At SPU 2001–17. Emeritus since 2017.

Mark Walhout, English. BA, Wheaton College, 1981; MA, PhD, Northwestern University, 1985. At SPU 1987–2022. Emeritus since 2022.

Rob Wall, Paul T. Walls Professor of Scripture and Wesleyan Studies. BA, Valparaiso University, 1969; MTh, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1973; PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1979. At SPU 1978–2021. Emeritus since 2021.

Stella Warnick, Family and Consumer Sciences. BS, University of Alberta, 1956; MA, University of Washington, 1970; PhD, 1989. At SPU 1974–2001. Emerita since 2001.

Cathryn Washington, Nursing. BSN, Duke University, 1965; MS, University of Maryland, 1971; Certificate: Primary Care Practitioner, University of Maryland, 1974; PhD, University of Kansas, 1987. At SPU 1988–2002. Emerita since 2002.

Robert Weathers, Physical Education and Exercise Science. BSSE, John Brown University, 1967; MEd, University of Arkansas, 1969; EdD, Brigham Young University, 1975. At SPU 1978–2010. Emeritus since 2010.

Elaine Weltz, Computer Science. BA, Seattle Pacific University,1974; BA, Seattle Pacific University, 1975; BS, Seattle Pacific University, 1984; MM, University of Southern California, 1978; MA, University of California Los Angeles, 1978; MSE, Seattle University, 1989. At SPU 1984–2019. Emerita since 2019.

Vernon Wicker, Music. BM, Biola College, 1961; MM, Indiana University, 1964; Goethe Institute, Germany, 1964; DMA, University of Oregon, 1979. At SPU 1979–2002. Emeritus since 2002.

Beverly Wilson, Psychology. BA, California State University, Fresno, 1985; MA, California State University, Fresno, 1987; PhD, University of Washington, 1994. At SPU 1998–2023. Emerita since 2023.

Dick Wood, Mathematics and Computer Science. BS, California State College at Long Beach, 1961; MA, 1962; PhD, University of Montana, 1976. At SPU 1963–65, 1968–79, and 1984–2003. Emeritus since 2003.

Bill Woodward, History. BA, Wheaton College, 1969; MA, Georgetown University, 1974; PhD, Georgetown University 1974. At SPU 1974–2017; Emeritus since 2017.

Martha Worcester, Nursing. BS, California State University Chico, 1962; MS, University of California San Francisco, 1964; PhD, University of Washington, 1990. At SPU 1989–2007. Emerita since 2007.

Don Yanik, Theatre. BA, Anderson College, 1964; MEd, University of Nebraska, 1970; MFA, Southern Methodist, University, 1981. At SPU 1985–2014. Emeritus since 2014.

Sharon Young, Mathematics and Mathematics Education. BA, University of Redlands, 1966; MA, University of Denver, 1976; PhD, University of Colorado Boulder, 1979. At SPU 1995–2015. Emerita since 2015.

Michael Ziemann, European Studies, German, and Linguistics . BA, Freie University, 1968; MA, Kansas State University, 1969; PhD, Washington University, 1974. At SPU 1981–2014. Emeritus since 2014.

*Emeritus Instructor