Financial Arrangements and Services

SPU uses the Banner Information System to process registration materials and complete financial arrangements. After you register for classes, you are obligated to pay for the contracted services in accordance with the University’s current schedule of charges.

The registration contract between you and SPU remains binding to both parties unless either party terminates the contract pursuant to the applicable catalog procedures (see also Refunds and Account Adjustments).

Student account system

An electronic notification of a statement reflecting tuition and fee charges, miscellaneous charges, payments, and amounts due will be sent to your SPU email address each month that you have a balance. Student Financial Services will also send an electronic notification of the account statement to additional recipients (such as your spouse) who are authorized through the authorized payer process.

It remains your responsibility, however, to see that proper payment reaches Student Financial Services by the payment due date. If you need assistance determining the proper amount due, contact Student Financial Services to talk with a coordinator.

Students will continue to receive a statement after they withdraw or graduate if they still have an outstanding balance.  Statements will continue to be sent to the student's SPU email address.  Starting in 1999, SPU email accounts for former students are no longer being purged. It is our intention that these addresses persist indefinitely, but we reserve the right to change this policy at some point in the future. If you graduated prior to 1999, your SPU account may have been purged.

Checks for the correct amount due should be made payable in U.S. dollars ($US) to Seattle Pacific University, and should include your name and student identification number. Checks may be delivered in person to Student Financial Services, located in Demaray Hall 10 or be mailed to:

Seattle Pacific University
Student Financial Services
3307 Third Avenue West, Suite 114
Seattle, Washington 98119-1922

In addition to checks, the University accepts automated payments via an e-check (automated payment directly from a checking or savings account) toward student accounts.

The University does not directly accept any credit cards for payment of student account balances. Rather, it has arranged for a third-party provider to facilitate this type of payment, if desired. Additional fees apply for this service. You may authorize additional individuals to pay your student account online.