Dual Degrees

Dual degree programs: Business and Theology

If you are a business professional or nonprofit employee desiring to augment business education with a theological background, one of SPU’s dual degree programs may be a perfect fit. Dual degrees give you practical tools for the marketplace and provide answers to the underlying questions about why business matters.

Our dual degree programs, which combine an MBA from the School of Business, Government, and Economics with an MA in Theology or a Master of Divinity from Seattle Pacific Seminary, focus on rethinking the way business does business. You may choose one of the following dual degrees:


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Admission requirements

To earn the dual degrees, you will need to apply to the School of Business and Economics MA or MBA program as well as to Seattle Pacific Seminary (acceptance in one program does not guarantee acceptance in the other). 

Once you are admitted to both programs, you will receive a specialized program plan to follow for the duration of your enrollment at SPU. The dual degree program also includes internship options and a Theology and Business Integration Seminar that makes connections between the disciplines of business and theology.

Application deadline

For admission procedures and deadlines for the Schoolof Business, Governement and Economics and Seattle Pacific Seminary, visit Graduate Admissions.