Web Registration

In order to attend classes at Seattle Pacific University, you must formally register. Most students choose to register for classes online through the Banner Information System.

Registration for admitted students currently in attendance will begin during the last few weeks of the preceding quarter, and online registration will end on the fifth day of the quarter at 11:59 p.m. Students may register for classes with an extended registration deadline online through 11:59 p.m. on the 10th day of the quarter. Courses with an extended registration deadline are identified in the Time Schedule within the course details section of each class listing.

Registration dates for newly admitted students and non-matriculated students are listed in the University Academic Calendar.

A late registration fee of $50 may be charged for late registration.

If you are an enrolled, matriculated student, Student Academic Services will send you an email the week before the registration period begins, notifying you that you have been assigned a registration time for the upcoming quarter. You will be instructed to check your registration time through the Banner Information System.

Once online registration has ended, students who wish to withdraw from one or more classes must come to Student Academic Services (SAS), or scan and email, or fax in, a written request to withdraw from classes. Undergraduate students are required to have instructor permission to drop a course after the tenth day of the quarter.