Independent Study

Independent study courses are courses in which a student does specific work independently with an instructor, as outlined in the official Independent Study Agreement (PDF).  Independent studies are primarily intended as an opportunity for you to study a topic not covered in an actual course in the University Catalog. Only matriculated students at Seattle Pacific University may register for independent study.

The Independent Study form must be completed by you and signed by the instructor and the dean or department chair. You and the instructor must meet on a regular basis for the number of consultations noted in the agreement. Work for an independent study occurs outside of the classroom setting.

An independent study should be created only when a needed class is not available for a particular quarter, or when a student cannot accommodate a class in his or her schedule. Students should not attend a class being offered and use that as part of the independent-study credits.

Registering for an independent study

Registration for an independent study must be submitted to Student Academic Services no later than the 10th day of the quarter (see the University Academic Calendar for specific dates). Student Academic Services will create the course as noted on the agreement. Copies of the agreement will be forwarded to you and the instructor.

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Time Schedule

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Take off on a study abroad

Take advantage of intercultural opportunities by joining a study abroad program.