Graduation Requirements and Policies

All students completing a first bachelor’s degree at Seattle Pacific University are governed by the following requirements and policies:


  • A minimum of 180 college-level quarter credits. 
  • At least 60 credits earned in upper-division (UD) courses (those numbered 3000–4999), including at least 23 in the major.
  • At least 45 college-level credits earned in residence as a matriculated student, including at least 15 in the major and 10 in a minor. (Credits earned through Credit by Examination at SPU do not satisfy the residence requirement.) 
  • At least 25 of your final 45 credits for the degree must be earned through SPU, with the exception of approved study abroad credits. 
  • Satisfactory completion of your academic major.
    • Satisfactory completion of a second major if the student is completing the BA in Honors Liberal Arts major.
  • Completion of all general education requirements.
  • Demonstration of competency in a foreign language, either through coursework or one of the means outlined under Foreign Language Competency
  • Completion of the “W” requirement. This requirement is different than and separate from the Academic Inquiry and Writing requirement.
  • Completion of the Cultural Understanding and Engagement (CUE) requirement. 
  • A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 in all courses applicable to the degree. 
  • A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 in all college-level courses taken at SPU. 


  • With the exception of courses from pre-approved study abroad programs, no more than 30 credits may be earned from another institution after a student has matriculated at SPU. 
  • You must gain pre-approval for transfer credit from an academic counselor before enrolling at any other institution.
  • Transfer credit policies are found in the Admissions section of this catalog.
  • You may not take courses concurrently from SPU and another institution during the regular academic year (Autumn through Spring quarters) unless participating in an approved study abroad program. 
  • “Pass” grades do not fulfill requirements in the major or minor, in the General Education curriculum (except UCOL 1000 University Colloquium), or in the University Scholars curriculum. 
  • All degree requirements for a major or minor are determined by the Undergraduate Catalog in effect when you are accepted to the major or minor.
    • For example, if you are accepted to a major in Autumn Quarter 2019, you are subject to all major requirements listed in the 2020–21 Undergraduate Catalog.
  • New students may enter most majors at SPU during their first quarter of attendance using the online Major or Minor Application form
  • Students are encouraged to apply for a major no later than April of their sophomore year, or as soon as they are eligible based on that major’s admission policies and procedures.
  • Transfer students who enter as juniors or seniors should apply to a major as soon as they are eligible based on that major's admission policies and procedures.
  • Students on academic probation (with an SPU cumulative GPA below 2.0) will not be permitted to enter a new major or minor until they regain good academic standing.
  • The University requires a grade of C- or better in all classes that apply to a major or minor; however, programs may require higher minimum grades in specific courses.
  • You may repeat an SPU course only once for a higher grade.
  • Major and minor applications are available online in Banner, in most cases.
  • The quarter in which you complete your final degree requirements will be listed as your quarter of graduation.
  • The official record of your degree completion is the official SPU academic transcript.
  • Certain limitations on credit toward a degree apply.
Graduation checklist

The 2020–21 graduation requirements checklists

Refer to your 2020-21 checklist to ensure that you’re taking the required courses and credits you need to earn your degree in a timely manner.