Student Employment


The time and effort involved in the production of theatre requires many hands. Our annual production season normally comprises three Mainstage and one Studio or Backstage show. Additionally, our involvement in facilitating music recitals, concerts, and other events in the E.E. Bach Theatre means that we need a large and professional-style technical crew.

Theatre Department Employment

Much of the student work of the Theatre Department is remunerated through academic credit in Performance Practicum and Production Practicum courses. These credits function as free credits; if practicum credits increase a student's quarterly total above 18 paid course credits (a full academic load), they will not have to pay for the credit overload.

We also employ several qualified students on an annual or per-show basis to serve as leaders in the production process. Theatre student employment positions are available through an application process. All current students, especially those who have taken courses at SPU Theatre or have comparable professional theatre experience, are invited to apply for these positions during Spring Quarter.

Student employees who wish to continue working the following year must reapply each spring.

Production Team Job Descriptions

Below is a list of  jobs commonly offered in the SPU Theatre Department. Jobs vary year to year based on the production cycle and pool of applicants:

Costume Shop

Assistant Costume Shop Manager

  • Oversee daily operations in the costume shop in the absence of the Costume Shop Manager
  • Assign daily tasks to workers 
  • Check in with each person on their assignments to make sure they are on track
  • Ensure costume shop is organized and cleaned daily
  • Communicate purchasing needs to Director of Production
  • Maintain costume shop calendar
  • Oversee training of new students
  • Assist in garment construction, crafts work, and sewing alterations as needed

Wardrobe Manager

  • Oversee operations of wardrobe crew during tech and show runs.
  • Ensure dressing rooms are organized and cleaned daily
  • Attend Designer Run and other rehearsals as needed to create dresser tracks and plan quick changes
  • Keep track of mending notes and actor needs
  • Maintain the integrity of the costume design for each show
  • Determine laundry techniques and ensure laundry is completed before each run
  • Monitor Rehearsal and Performance Reports and promptly address any notes


  • Assist the Designer and Costume Shop Manager with garment construction management
  • Pattern and/or drape costumes based on renderings and line drawings
  • Alter commercial patterns to best match renderings
  • Facilitate fittings with the Costume Designer and Costume Shop Manager
  • Give instructions to Stitchers as needed per project
  • Construct garments and assist in alterations


  • Assist in garment construction, crafts work, and sewing alterations as needed
  • Ensure that students are trained to use all required equipment
  • Communicate the stitching needs for each project to other students
  • Answer questions from students about techniques on each assignment
  • Help organize shop and maintain cleanliness

Hair/Makeup Coordinator

  • Oversee operations in the Makeup Lab
  • Coordinate wig fittings and hair/makeup trials
  • Oversee training of new workers and actors
  • Style and maintain wigs according to the Costume Designer's renderings and show needs
  • Apply makeup and assist Wardrobe Manager as needed during performances

Costume Craftsperson

  • Construct costume drafts for productions, including millinery, armor, and aging/dyeing of garments
  • Create patterns or construction plans for costume drafts from Costume Designer's renderings
  • Train new workers in shop expectations for craft constructions
  • Keep track of costume draft supply levels
  • Assist in garment construction and sewing alterations as needed

Electrics Department

Master Electrician

  • Be familiar with safe operating procedures for working with lighting equipment and ladders
  • Review light plot and paperwork to approve scope of design and resources
  • Assign dimmers to instruments and plan cabling routes
  • Assemble gel and gobo order
  • Delegate and demonstrate tasks to Electricians and students
  • Run hang and focus calls
  • Train Light Board Operators and Sound Board Operators
  • Manage lighting equipment loans to and from other organizations
  • Patch sound system according to Sound Designer's needs 


  • Be familiar with safe operating procedures for working with lighting equipment and ladders
  • Lead small teams of students assigned to the Electrics department
  • Assist in light hang, focus, and strike for each production
  • Maintain a functional and organized inventory of lighting instruments and other equipment
  • Load in and strike sound equipment for each production

Scene Shop


  • Be familiar with safe operating procedures of working with all shop tools
  • Assist in the safety training of new students
  • Communicate purchasing needs or low inventory to ATD
  • Lead carpentry crews in building and striking scenery
  • Draft or sketch working drawings or adjustments as needed

Properties Master

  • Draft prop list and update based on input from  Scenic Designer and Director
  • Research periods and styles for realistic props
  • Determine whether each prop will be pulled, purchased, built, or modified
  • Organize and maintain prop warehouse inventory
  • Manage prop loans to and from other organizations
  • Communicate purchasing needs to Director of Production
  • Attend technical rehearsals as needed
  • Work with ASM to determine prop preset
  • Review props with Stage Management and Actors before they are used

Paint Charge

  • Keep Paint Studio organized and clean
  • Maintain inventory of paint and supplies
  • Communicate purchasing needs to Director of Production
  • Work with Scenic Designer to determine tools and techniques for each paint treatment
  • Mix colors as needed
  • Paint each show or delegate and demonstrate treatments to scenic artists

Management and Administration

Stage Manager

  • Attend production meetings, rehearsals, and performances
  • Create and distribute rehearsal/performance calendar
  • Prep rehearsal room and paperwork for cast
  • Send Daily Calls, Rehearsal Reports, and Performance Reports
  • Record all blocking
  • Maintain prompt book for the production
  • Provide line notes to actors
  • Call each show as rehearsed during technical rehearsals and maintain production

Assistant Production Manager

  • Assist Production Manager with creating and processing paperwork throughout the season
  • Track Theatre Production expenses
  • Ensure that first aid kids are fully stocked
  • Run errands as needed
  • Maintain and organize inventories of tools, props, and costumes
  • Take notes at production meetings

Box Office and Marketing Manager

  • Oversee Box Office transactions and business
  • Answer phone calls and emails about tickets for shows
  • Deliver cash and check payments to the Office of Financial Affairs
  • Draft and send email communication for marketing and outreach
  • Develop promotional materials and create content in alignment with graphic style guide
  • manage all SPU Theatre social media accounts and Box Office email

House Manager

  • Schedule and train ushers for each performance
  • Set up intermission refreshments, post-show meet-and-greets, and post-show discussions as needed
  • Work with Box Office staff and Stage Management to start performances on time
  • Be an inviting, kind, and professional face of the theatre for patrons
  • Manage any issues that arise for patrons