Faculty Profile

Carol Redfield

Carol Redfield

Adjunct Professor of Nursing

Email: carolsr@spu.edu
Office: SHS 208

Education: DNP, University of Utah, 2017; MN, University of Washington, 1983; BSN, University of British Columbia, 1980)

Professor Redfield started teaching at SPU as an adjunct faculty member in September 1998 before becoming an Assistant Professor of Nursing in the 2000’s. Previously, she taught at the University of Washington as adjunct faculty. Her practice focus mainly include: oncology nursing, ambulatory and community health, followed by gerontology and health policy in 2007. In 2022, Professor Redfield created a non-profit, Health Navigating, which delivers educational support to help caregivers who cares for those with dementia in the community.

Professor Redfield teaches undergraduate students in nursing leadership currently as an adjunct faculty member. Passion for education stems from the fact that education changes perspectives, empowers, and provides wider options for students.

Selected Publications

Shifts in Attitudes, Knowledge, and Social Goals in Nursing Students; Following Structured Contacts with Community-Dwelling Older Adults., Journal of Nursing Education. 2016 October. 55(10):569-673

Why I Teach at SPU

Carol Redfield, Adjunct Professor of Nursing

Teaching is embedded as an important component of the nurse’s role…but more importantly, teaching to educate the next generations of nurses is part of our career cycle.