What Students Say About Wesleyan Small Groups

SPU students like you have grown spiritually and in community through leading or joining a Wesleyan Small Group.

Name: Debby Shepherd
Year: Senior
Majors: Communications

I loved having one day a week to just be real about where our hearts and souls are. It wasn’t a Christian therapy session, but a time for reflection in a space of genuine community. Being able to pray for the members of my small group every week was an honor and an intimate experience that drew me closer to God. I’ve grown more confident in my faith because of my Wesleyan Small Group.


Name: Kayley Forshey
Year: Sophomore
Majors: Theology and English

I am the type of person who will avoid self-reflection and processing through things, which has prevented growth in my relationship with God. This group provided a safe space for me to take inventory of my spiritual state and be honest with myself, others, and God. Because of this group, I’ve experienced breakthroughs and growth in areas of my life that might have gone unchecked otherwise. It was such a blessing to watch the members of my group gain confidence and a sense of comfort in being themselves as each week went by.


Name: Meghan Smith
Year: Senior
Major: General Art

My group has provided me a safe space to be fully known and embraced. Because of this, I have grown in my knowledge of God’s kindness towards myself and others. Seeing my group members engage in each other’s stories with genuine desire and care was delightful. It was so sweet to see and hear the working of God in each of their hearts and lives. I loved having a place to go every week where I knew people would be real with me.


Name: Jake Yount
Year: Junior
Major: Exercise Science

Leading a Wesleyan Small Group has helped shape my understanding of the importance of fellowship and spiritual reflection, and has improved my perspective on leadership and the soul. It has been a joy to see my peers reflect on their week and both smile as they remembered positive experiences and grow from sharing challenges and struggles. The best part about leading a Wesleyan Small Group was walking through the quarter step by step and seeing those involved in the group develop in character and spiritual awareness.


Name: Caitlin Tallungan
Year: Junior
Major: Nursing

Leading a Wesleyan Small Group has taught me what it really means to listen. I learned how to identify people’s struggles and develop effective ways of supporting them, even when that meant sitting in silence with them. I liked seeing the growth in students over the quarter through the noticeable change in vulnerability. We were able to share our successes and hardships, free of judgment.


Name: Calisto Correa
Year: Senior
Major: Accounting

Leading this small group has helped me enormously to identify and analyze how my soul is or how I am actually doing. The safe environment I’ve experienced there and have strived to foster as a leader is such a blessing. I loved that I found such a great and safe place where I would be really listened to and cared for no matter what I had to share.


Name: Zoe Shelton
Year: Senior
Major: Biology

This group has helped me become my own kind of leader and discover what traits or talents I have that can be used in a leadership role. The thing I liked best about leading a WSG was getting to know the members and their personalities and starting the process of uncovering their souls. The time of reflection has also brought my mind and soul closer together and to God. Watching the members of my group grow and become more aware of their soul and what affects it has brought me joy. 


Name: McKenzie Click
Year: Junior
Major: Applied Human Biology

My Wesleyan Small Group has challenged me to allow people into my story. Spiritually speaking, my prayer life has been challenged and shaped through the experience of leading a WSG, as has my capacity to love and extend grace to others. I have learned the importance of intentional community for spiritual development and maturity. I have enjoyed getting to know and interact with first-year students at SPU. It has been a joy hearing their stories and rejoicing with one another in exciting times.