Veterinary Medicine

Individuals who choose a career as a veterinarian earn a doctorate in veterinary medicine (DVM). Applying to veterinary schools involves the same type of preparation as applying to medical schools. Admission to veterinary schools is extremely competitive, so it is important to have an individually appropriate and competitive academic plan.

Veterinary schools consider the following factors in selecting applicants for admission:

  • High grades in both science and non-science courses, showing an upward trend
  • High scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • A favorable letter of evaluation from the SPU PPHS Committee
  • Experience working with people as well as animals, along with a letter of recommendation from a veterinary professional
  • A strong interview with the veterinary school admissions committee.

Physiology is an appropriate major for pre-veterinary students. Other majors are also suitable, but students may need supplemental courses at SPU or after graduating. Because coursework requirements vary from school to school, it is essential for students to become familiar with the specific prerequisites of the veterinary schools to which they intend to apply. Additional courses that are often recommended or required include English, Physics, and Social Science. Most successful pre-veterinary students apply for admission in the summer after their fourth year or later.