Christian Theology (BA) to Theology: Christian Ministry (MA)

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A combined Christian Theology (BA) and Theology: Christian Ministry (MA) is ideal for students who feel called by God to serve in pastoral leadership and desire educational and formational training to support this vocation.

Through dual-function courses that count for both degree programs, you will be able to complete this combined degree in an accelerated timeline, graduating with both degrees within five years instead of six.

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Christian Theology (BA)

  • Undergraduate students should apply to the Christian Theology major no later than the fall of their junior year by following these instructions.
  • When applying to the accelerated major, students must submit an essay to the School of Theology associate dean of undergraduate studies describing their understanding of their vocation for pastoral leadership.
  • Successful applicants to this accelerated major must have at least a 3.0 GPA.

Upon acceptance in the Christian Theology undergraduate major, you will be advised by the associate dean on the completion of your major in order to have finished all but upper-division elective requirements for the BA by December of your fourth/senior year. 

Theology: Christian ministry (MA)

  • Students must apply to the Master of Arts in Theology and select the Christian Ministry concentration via the standard application process for that degree program (application form, resume, personal essay, official transcripts attesting a minimum 3.0 GPA; two recommendation letters) no later than March 31 of their third/junior year.
  • Once accepted into the graduate program, students will take master’s courses beginning in January of their senior year. 
  • Those master’s courses will transfer back to fulfill the remaining elective requirements in their major for their BA, while certain designated courses taken during their BA will fulfill specific course requirements of the MA. 

During the time that they are pursuing the Theology: Christian Ministry (MA) degree, students will participate fully in the academy, abbey, and apostolate components of the seminary curriculum, preparing them to serve in pastoral leadership positions upon graduation.

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