Who We Are

The faculty in the English and Cultural Studies Department specialize in teaching and publishing academic research or creative writing in both literary and cultural studies. Ranging from the tragedies of Shakespeare to gender dynamics in African literature, our faculty dedicate ourselves to numerous American, British, Latinx, African-American, and other Global fields. We also have four global seminars for study abroad: Rome, Ireland, South Africa, Spain/Morocco. Overall, our wide range of specializations allow us to offer three possible pathways for students to shape their academic and vocational pathways. Students specialize within our department: a program in literary studies, creative writing, or cultural studies. Our faculty conduct seminar style courses, fostering dynamic discussions and insights into literary, cultural, and historical trends.

Our Mission

Within our programs, the mission of the English and Cultural Studies Department is to graduate imaginative students of competence and character who have the skills needed to meet an ever-changing world. Our students obtain knowledge in the fields of urban and global Anglophone literature, and are highly skilled in reading, writing, and critical thinking. Our programs prepare students for a variety of vocations, including language arts and high school education, professional and creative writing, human and civil rights law, social justice and human services careers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a broad knowledge of British, American, and postcolonial literature.
  • Demonstrate skill in textual analysis, interpretation, scholarship, and critical thinking.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in writing, whether critical or creative.
  • Articulate a mature understanding of the relationship between literature and the Christian faith.
  • Articulate a mature understanding of issues of race, ethnicity, gender, and class as represented in U.S. minority literature and non-Western texts, as well as canonical works.