Who We Are

Historical study at SPU seeks a balanced understanding of world cultures, exploring the roots and development of Western civilization in the ancient and medieval periods, tracing the interaction between the West and the rest of the world, and probing more deeply into American, European, and non-Western history. 

Our Mission

The Department of History prepares students for service by studying the past as it relates to the present and to the future; ours is an approach that affirms worthy heritages, welcomes long-neglected voices, applies innovative tools, interacts with other fields of study, and cultivates the virtue of hope in world both deeply divided and globally interwoven.

Learning Outcomes

Students taking history courses will:

  • Engage in wide reading, deep thinking, and clear communication about the vast record of human experience.
  • Learn how to discover facts, weigh interpretations, and draw conclusions in order to comprehend the present, envision alternative scenarios, and identify with generations to come.
  • Become knowledgeable about the human story in its many phases and dimensions — ancient, medieval and modern; United States, European, non-Western, and global; and the heritage of Christian faith and practice.