Who We Are

The Engineering and Computer Science Department provides majors and minors in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, General Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Information Systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip students with theoretical knowledge and applied skills to create and utilize appropriate solutions in Engineering and Computing disciplines. Within a supportive Christian community, we prepare our students to become responsible and effective servant-leaders.

Learning Outcomes

Computer Science faculty have identified 12 primary Program Learning Objectives for students in our majors. Each of the courses in our curriculum is designed to help students achieve specific learning objectives that will help them progress toward the goal of becoming competent, responsible, and effective computing professionals.

        Objective 1:  Attainment of problem-solving skills, especially those
  required to analyze, design, and implement solutions
  involving the use of a computer.

        Objective 2:  Ability to program computers in a current programming
  language and use modern software and hardware
  engineering tools.

        Objective 3:  Understanding of modern computing systems and the
  theoretical aspects of computer science.

        Objective 4:  Demonstration of the necessary math and science skills
  to solve computing problems.

        Objective 5:  Reliability and responsibility in meeting commitments.

        Objective 6:  Ability to manage projects within multiple constraints and
  to meet multiple goals.

        Objective 7:  Ability to successfully lead and work in teams with diverse

        Objective 8:  Effective oral and written communication of technical
  information using a variety of techniques.

        Objective 9:  Awareness of the ethical and social impacts of
  technology, and the ability to take responsible action.

        Objective 10: Articulation of Christian perspectives on personal,
  societal, technical, and theological issues.

        Objective 11: Preparation for continued learning in a rapidly changing

        Objective 12: Ability to locate, analyze and apply information on current
  events and new technologies obtained from a wide variety
  of sources and experiences.