Who We Are

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) is an integrated discipline that serves families and individuals by providing holistic, interdisciplinary, integrative, and preventative perspectives in addressing the needs of individuals and families as consumers.

Our Mission

The Seattle Pacific University Department of Family and Consumer Sciences prepares students to address problems faced by individuals, families, and communities globally that involve food, clothing, and shelter through Christ-centered values of love, integrity, and justice.

Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Graduates will be competent within an FCS program area.  

  • Students will demonstrate effective communication skills to convey ideas and information effectively.
  • Students will use critical thinking to solve complex problems.  
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in skills related to their program.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively to solve problems.  
  • Students will practice good digital citizenship through proper technology etiquette. 

Goal 2:  Graduates will demonstrate strength of character through personal and professional integrity.  

  • Students will complete course assignments while upholding the university expectations for academic integrity
  • Students will apply ethical decision making to current issues in their program.  

Goal 3: Graduates will be faithful stewards in service to diverse communities.

  • Students will differentiate characteristics of diverse communities (such as culture, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, ability, and marginalization or at-risk, etc.)
  • Students will participate in a service-learning project and reflect on their experience in written form.  
  • Students will describe activities of responsible citizenship and civic engagement to create a more just society.