Faculty Profile

Christopher Hanson

Christopher Hanson

Assistant Professor of Music; Director of Music Education and Orchestral Activities

Office: Crawford 205

First Generation student

Education: BA, Texas Southern University, 2007; MM, Texas State University, 2009; MM, Texas State University, 2009; MM, Texas State University, 2011; PhD, Texas State University, 2021. At SPU since 2019.

Conductor, violinist, composer, pedagogue, and musicologist, Christopher T. F. Hanson enjoys working with a large and eclectic group of ensembles in the state of Texas and abroad. Hanson holds three master's degrees from Texas State University in music history, music theory, and music composition. He completed his PhD at Texas State University, with a focus on teacher and student agency; as well as, a master's in applied philosophy and ethics, with a focus on the transformative powers of fine arts education. 

As a violinist and composer, Hanson has premiered several works in multiple genres and serves as the chief arranger and first violinist of the Sacred Ensemble with Dr. Shana Mashego. Hanson currently serves as assistant professor and director of music education and orchestral activities at Seattle Pacific University.  

Selected Publications

Hanson, C. T. (2015). Music in Our Schools Month: Celebrating Your Community Through Music. Connections, 30(1), 6.

Hanson, C. T. (2015). A Critical Conversation on Assessment and Accountability in Public School Fine Arts Programs. Connections, 29(3), 16.

Hanson, C. T. (2015). The Value of Music Education. Connections, 28(3).

Hanson, C. T. (2013). Dédé, Edmond. In The Grove Dictionary of American Music: Oxford University Press.

Please see Christopher Hanson’s CV (PDF).

Christopher Hanson

Why I Teach at SPU

Christopher Hanson, Director of Music Education and Orchestra: Assistant Professor of Music

I teach in music and education to change the world … as the great Maxine Greene said so eloquently, “The arts, it has been said, cannot change the world, but they can change human beings, who can change the world.” In short, my existence as a music educator as well as a human being is presented as such: Through both faith and perseverance I live daily, through my daily survival I learn, through my education I become wiser, and through my wisdom I share the knowledge I obtain.