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Peter Rivera

Peter Rivera

Chair and Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy; Director of MFT Research; IRB Coordinator

Email: riverap@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2632
Office: Marston 120

Peter M. Rivera, Ph.D., Florida State University (2016), M.S., Seattle Pacific University (2012); B.A., Central Washington University (2010); B.S., Central Washington University (2010).

Dr. Rivera enters Seattle Pacific University (SPU) as an Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy. Before joining SPU, Dr. Rivera was a post-doctoral fellow in the Prevention and Methodology Training Program at Penn State University.

Dr. Rivera is passionate about social justice, and believes that God has called him to use his position of privilege to address the wrongs that exist within our society, especially when it comes to the suffering that children and other vulnerable people experience in our world. As such, much of his teaching and research focuses on topics related to diversity and vulnerable populations. Most recently, his research has aimed to inform the development of preventative interventions on substance use and risk-taking behaviors that are tailored for specific at-risk subgroups of maltreated adolescents.

In his free time, Dr. Rivera likes to spend time with his wonderful wife and five beautiful children.

Please view Dr. Rivera's CV for additional publications.

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