Faculty Information

Research Participants

As a faculty member affiliated with the School of Psychology, Family, and Community, you may solicit volunteers from undergraduate psychology classes to participate in your research project. Usually, these participants will be drawn from “General Psychology” (PSY 1180).

However, other classes may occasionally be approved for use based jointly on instructor permission and approval of the Director of Undergraduate Research, Dr. Brittany Tausen. The number of classes participating and the number of students in each class vary from quarter to quarter. In order to use the undergraduate participant pool, you must:

  1. Obtain university IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval. Contact Dr. Bev Wilson for more information.
  2. Contact Dr. Brittany Tausen before the beginning of the quarter. Provide the following:
    • the purpose of your research
    • your IRB approval number
    • how many participants you will need
  3. Collect the names and ID numbers of all undergraduate participants in an excel file. This file must be returned to Dr. Brittany Tausen before finals week.

Priority Guidelines

The participant pool at Seattle Pacific is limited. Therefore, we have set priority guidelines for its use. We will do our best to honor as many requests to use the participant pool as possible; however, those registering their requests early will receive a higher priority (within the priority guidelines). If you contact Dr. Tausen after the quarter has started with a request to use the pool, your chances of approval are significantly reduced. The order of priority for access to the pool is as follows.

  1. Psychology Department faculty
  2. School of Psychology, Family, and Community faculty
  3. Psychology undergraduate students and SPFC graduate students
  4. Other SPU researchers