​​Awards and Scholarships


The Philip Ashton Award

Presented each year to a psychology student or students, recognizing:

  • Scholarship
  • Potential for contribution to the field of psychology
  • University and community service.

Considered the highest honor we bestow, and preference is given to graduating seniors. Cash award varies by year.

The Department of Psychology Faculty Award

Recognizes students who are conscientious, enthusiastic about learning and the field of psychology, respected by peers and faculty, and contributors to the psychology program or learning experiences. Recipients are to be seniors. Does not include a cash reward.

The Joy F. Hammersla Integration Award

Recognizes excellent undergraduate faith/discipline integration papers in conjunction with the annual Guernsey Integration Lecture. Available only to continuing students, since recipients must expand and deepen their papers in an independent study the following year. The final paper will be considered a psychology honors project or senior project.


The Marie Hollowell Scholarship

Class of 1961 alumni honor the memory and service of Marie Hollowell with this scholarship endowment to benefit junior and senior psychology majors wanting to pursue a career in school counseling. Candidates interested in school psychology will also be considered. One applicant selected yearly. Scholarship amount varies by year. Call for applications announced Spring Quarter.

The Dickinson Fellowship

Provides training and funding to undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Psychology, Family, and Community and the School of Health Sciences who have a calling to work with persons and their families who are impacted by severe and persistent mental health conditions. For more information, visit the Living Well Initiative page.