Learning and Cognition Laboratories​

Directed by Baine Craft, PhD, the Learning and Cognition Labs (LCL) within the School of Psychology, Family, and Community at Seattle Pacific University were established to investigate factors that influence choice and decision making in both human and nonhuman animals. The LCL consists of two laboratories — a nonhuman animal lab equipped to measure operant responding and a human lab equipped to measure choice and decision making.

The following are the broad research areas that Dr. Craft and his research team study:

  • Risk-sensitive foraging
  • Self-control and impulsivity
  • Self-regulation
  • Behavior contrast

Research assistantships

If you are a current SPU student interested in joining the LCL research team, you must:

  • Complete a research contract with Dr. Craft.
  • Register for a minimum of 3 credits of PSY 2361 Research Experience in Psychology or PSY 4970 Independent Research.
  • Commit to a minimum of two quarters participation as a research assistant.
Baine Craft

Why I Teach at SPU

Baine Craft, Professor of Psychology

“Seattle Pacific University stands in a unique place in higher education. We are small enough that students can interact directly with faculty, but we are big enough to provide students with exceptional job skills and opportunities such as research and internships. All of this with an emphasis on understanding, integrating, and practicing one’s faith within a specific academic discipline. For me, I love that balance, and that is why I teach at SPU.”


Understanding Adolescents

We’re committed to understanding the dramatic rise in mood disorders and mood-related disorders in adolescents.