Trauma Therapy Experiences (TTE) Study

Stephanie Armes, PhD
Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy
Principle Investigator

The TTE study is seeking to understand how marriage and family therapists have become competent in the treatment of trauma and how those therapists are maintaining confidence in their abilities to sit with clients’ traumas. Additionally, this study is exploring the experiences of clients who have seen a therapist for their trauma. This study is recruiting both trauma therapists and individuals who have already completed treatment for trauma or PTSD. To participate, please email or use the QR code below.

Interested participants will fill out a short questionnaire and, if selected, will be asked to participate in a sixty-minute interview. Participants will receive a $25 gift card of their choosing in compensation for time.

Now, as ever before, is a season of heightened trauma. Yet many clients seeking treatment are unable to find providers accepting clients, leading to delayed treatment. When clients are finally able to enter therapy, it is unclear whether they receive services from therapists competent in the treatment of trauma. This study aims to investigate both therapist and clients’ perception of competent trauma therapy.

The TTE study is a research study approved by the Institutional Review Board

IRB #: 232402005 Expiration Date: 12/20/24