Building Resilience Through Improvised Lived Stories

Exploring the impact of Playback Theater on college students’ wellbeing

Hee-Sun Cheon, PhD

Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Principle Investigator

This study looks to investigate the ways in which Playback Theater, a live, improvisational, group experience, will have an impact on college students wellbeing. In this, we will be looking to see the effects on students' intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. We are looking for undergraduate students, ages 18+, currently attending Seattle Pacific University who are interested in participating in these group sessions. Students interested must be able to attend 6 weekly sessions each lasting 2 hours. 

For more information about playback, and to get a small taste of what Playback Theater looks like, please watch this video from Portland Media Center that talks more about the process of Playback Theater.

If you have any other questions, or are interested in participating in our research study, please reach out to


Playback Theater Study

We are currently recruiting SPU undergraduate students ages 18-24 who are interested in participating in this live, group experience. If you are interested consider joining one of our informational sessions or email