Local Churches


Developing strong relationships with churches, para-church organizations, and the external community is a central part of Seattle Pacific's mission to engage the culture and change the world. We believe that congregations are a vital part of discipleship for our students during their college years and beyond.

Local Churches

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While we do not formally endorse any particular local church, we encourage our students to participate in local churches in several ways:

  • We host a church fair at the beginning of the year where we invite leaders from local congregations to interact with our students. 
  • The John Perkins Center partners with ministries and organizations locally and globally so that our students can engage in service and ministry. 
  • We provide a list of churches where students can search for and find information on nearby churches.

Unlike a public university, we recognize that we have been entrusted to care for the spiritual lives of our students, so we take responsibility over ministry-related activities on SPU’s campus. For this reason, the Office of the Chaplain approves faith-related clubs and organizations to meet on campus. 

Policies for church and para-church organizations to operate on campus

  • Only organizations approved by the University Chaplain are allowed to meet on campus.
  • Churches and para-church organizations are not allowed to hold meetings, whether led by students or not, in the residence halls, which includes Campus Housing and Apartments (CHA).
  • If external ministry organizations desire a meeting space on campus, they are to contact Conference Services.
  • If external ministry organizations desire to publicize on campus whether in print or in person, they are to contact the Unicom Desk.