Social Justice/Cultrl Studies

SJC 1000: Introduction to Justice, Equity, and Cultural Studies (5)


This course will introduce students to key questions, ideas, and figures that shape cultural studies as an interdisciplinary field. Drawing from this framework, students will begin to explore how histories, theories, and practices inform an understanding of equity in contemporary societies and explore ways literature, film, art, religion, and scholarhip can begin to work towards liberation.

SJC 3382: South Africa: Stages of Protest and Democracy (5)


This study abroad course will analyze protest narratives, ranging from popular and award-winning works like J. M. Coetzee's Age of Iron and Trevor Noah's Born a Crime to performances of AIDS survivors and state narratives intended to avoid civil war and attempt transitional justice. Typically offered: Occasionally.

Equivalents: ENG 3382 Attributes: Cultural Understand&Engagement, Upper-Division, Ways of Engaging

SJC 3383: Arab Spring: Gender, Islam, Democracy (5)


This study abroad course will analyze how gender and religion are critical components to recent democratic movements in Islamic countries. Students will read articles on economic challenges, local women's movements, and historical connections between Christian and Muslim regions, such as Spain and Morocco, as well as Moroccan women writers such as Fatima Mernissi and Laila Lalami. Typically offered: Alternate Years.

Equivalents: ENG 3383 Attributes: Cultural Understand&Engagement, Upper-Division, Ways of Engaging, Writing "W" Course

SJC 3510: Theology, Culture, and Society (5)


Focuses on the public dimension of Christian life. How ought Christians to engage their culture? How do we insure that such engagement is truly Christian? Addresses several social issues of special concern to the contemporary church, such as race relations, war and peace, and the separation of church and state.

Equivalents: THEO 3510 Attributes: Upper-Division

SJC 4899: Race, Representation, and Law (5)


In this capstone, students will draw upon the theory, methodologies and practices learned through out the major to examine the connections between law, policy, cultural representation and ideologies. Students will be asked to think about strategies that promote social justice and equity.

Attributes: Upper-Division Restrictions: Soc Justice/Cultural Studies Majors, Minors, Concentrations only. Junior, Senior students only.

SJC 4930: Social Justice Practicum (1-5)


For advanced students who serve as teaching or research assistants for faculty. May be repeated for credit up to six credits.

SJC 4940: Internship (1-5)


Provides opportunities to gain practical experience in social justice and cultural work. Internships are strongly encouraged for all Social Justice and Cultural Studies majors as they begin exploring their vocational tracks. May be repeated for credit up to 6 credits.

Attributes: Upper-Division Restrictions: Freshman, Sophomore students are excluded.