Who We Are

The Biology Department offers degrees in Biology, Applied Human Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Ecology, Life Science  and Physiology to prepare students for entry into post graduate professional schools and diverse careers in the field of Biology.

We are committed to immersing students in the processes of science by engaging them in authentic research projects both in our classrooms and research laboratories. We also provide a comprehensive Pre-Professional Health Sciences program that supports students pursuing careers in the health sciences through individual mentorship and a curriculum tailored to meet students’ advising needs.

Our Mission

The Department of Biology has four primary goals:

  1. We seek to promote the scientific study of life.
  2. We work to improve communication and critical thinking in issues related to biology.
  3. We strive for excellence in scientific training for those who pursue careers in scientific fields.
  4. We are committed to the development of personal integrity and wholeness in our community of faculty and students.

Learning Outcomes

Please see the Department of Biology website for more information.