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Lynette Bikos, Ph.D.

Lynette Bikos, Ph.D.

Professor of Clinical Psychology

Associate Dean, School of Psychology, Family and Community

B.A., University of Missouri-Columbia, 1987

M.A., University of Missouri-Columbia, 1989

Ph.D., University of Kansas - Lawrence, 1996

At SPU since 2005


Curriculum Vitae: CV Document (PDF)
133 Marston Hall

Lynette H. Bikos, Ph.D. is Director of Research and Professor of Clinical Psychology in the School of Psychology, Family, and Community at Seattle Pacific University.

Dr. Bikos teaches statistics, research methods, and psychometrics courses in the clinical and industrial/organizational psychology doctoral programs.

Dr. Bikos is a licensed psychologist in Washington and Kansas, and her expertise is in the area of international psychology.  During a 3 1/2 year stay in Turkey, she began a series of studies evaluating adaptation to expatriation.  What began as a longitudinal investigation of adaptation to expatriation to a foreign country has expanded to include understanding expatriation and repatriation transitions of missionary families, particularly college-age missionary kids (MK's); the re-entry experiences of college students who study abroad (or participate in short-term mission/service projects); and the internationalization of the psychology curricula.

Additionally, Dr. Bikos' research team is actively involved in positive youth development research with the 4-H Youth Development organization.  Projects have involved understanding research utilization among 4-H faculty, staff, and volunteers; and evaluating the 4-H Record Book.

In an effort to close the science-to-service gap, Dr. Bikos' research team works with non-profit organizations to assist them in developing plans and systems for collecting and reporting program outcomes.  Dr. Bikos has experience both internally (with program/research director positions) and externally (as a consultant) with organizations as they design and maintain program evaluations.

During all kinds of weather, Dr. Bikos enjoys bicycling with her family and volunteering with 4-H.

A full listing of publications, presentations, and current projects can be found on Dr. Bikos' CV. For reprints of published manuscripts or posters, contact Professor Bikos at

Dr. Lynette Bikos and her research vertical team (RVT):

APA Poster 2014: (Click on poster to view PDF)

WPA 2012:

"The Effects of Study Abroad on Students Psycho-Social-Spiritual Development"

                  (to view the presentation, click on image below)

APA 2012 Annual Convention:

Poster Presentation:

"A CQR Exploration of Career Development in Repatriated, Missionary Kids"


WPA 2012:

Poster Presentation:

"Globetrekking: Student Development 12 Months Post-Reentry" and

"Student Perspectives on Their Learning Experiences Overseas: 12 Months Post Re-entry"

APA Convention 2009:

Bikos, King, DePaul, & Forman Symposium Re-Broadcast

Symposium Slides: A Consensual Qualitative Investigation of the Internationalizing Undergraduate and Graduate Psychology Curricula

Previous Poster Presentations:

Kocheleva, King, Chang, McKenzie, Roenicke, Campbell, Eckard, & Bikos 2009 WPA Poster

Kocheleva, Gibbs, Bikos 2008 APA poster

Bikos & Ciftci 2008 International Collaboration Poster

Bikos et al. 2008 Missionary ICPC Poster


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