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Clinical Psychology
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Program Distinctives

What’s Our Mission?

As a community of scholars and professionals who embrace a broad Christian worldview, we are committed to developing psychologists who accomplish the following:

  • Integrate the findings of scientific psychology with the interpersonal skills and sensitivity necessary for effective clinical practice.
  • Incorporate biopsychosocial and spiritual perspectives into the science and practice of the discipline.
  • Appreciate and respect the inherent diversity that characterizes individuals and groups.
  • Embrace a vocation of service to individuals, families, and their communities.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

  • Fully accredited. SPU’s doctorate of philosophy (Ph.D.) in clinical psychology is accredited by the American Psychological Association.
  • Scientist Practitioner and Local Clinical Scientist Models of Training. This program is a full-time, five-year, integrated and organized sequence of studies and practice experiences based on the "local clinical scientist" model of training. The local clinical scientist embodies and expands upon the original scientist-practitioner model of clinical psychology.
  • Balanced, flexible graduates. Research and clinical practice are balanced in the curriculum, and our graduates function in various roles as health care clinicians, university scholars, program directors, and supervisors.
  • Our biopsychosocial perspective. Coursework is grounded in empirical literature that examines the interplay among biological, psychological, and social factors related to human adjustment; this biopsychosocial perspective infuses all aspects of the doctoral curriculum and training experiences.
  • Holistic diversity. Perspectives on diversity are incorporated throughout the curriculum, addressing individual and group differences and the implications of diversity for the ethical and effective practice of clinical psychology. And, in our view, a full appreciation of diversity includes spiritual and religious factors as well.
  • Service. Both faculty and students are committed to a vocation of service to others.

What About Faith?

Seattle Pacific’s clinical psychology program is built upon a Christian faith perspective. At the same time, an open enrollment philosophy that welcomes students of all faith backgrounds, as well as students with no religious background, is integrated into the program.

Each student will be encouraged to discover and refine his or her personal sense of vocation and convictions related to faith, learning (science), and clinical practice.