Medical Family Therapy - Seattle Pacific University

Program Overview

What Is Medical Family Therapy?

The medical field is developing integrated health care teams to address the physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational needs of patients. Due to complex treatment protocols and life effects of chronic illness, health care systems are struggling to provide adequate care. Post-graduate level students with advanced training in medical family therapy are vital to the health care team.

Tina Sellers VideoWatch a video featuring Tina Schermer Sellers to learn more about what a career in Medical Family Therapy is like.


The Change in American Health Care

SPUSince 1995, leading medical journals have published studies showing that an integrated treatment protocol resulted in prolonged survival rates, significant cost savings, and an increased quality of life for cancer and heart disease patients.

Seattle Pacific University has seen an increase in alumni obtaining jobs in different medical centers working with infertility, cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, diabetes, heart disease, and the depression and anxiety that often accompany chronic conditions. This is an ideal time to join the movement toward integrated health care.


Graduates of the Medical Family Therapy Certificate Are Prepared To:

  • Work as a behavioral health provider in outpatient medical clinics.
  • Give psychosocial and spiritual care to patients and families dealing with chronic illness or chronic stress.
  • Provide practical support to physicians and nurses treating complex illnesses and complex cases.
  • Assess and treat the most common psychosocial and health behavior related issues complicating treatment and medical outcome.
SPU"I was surprised I was given such a valuable role in the medical clinic. My work was valued as an integral component of treatment from the beginning and I was respected as a professional."

-MDFT Graduate Internship: Rheumatology