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Sue Martin

Sue Martin

Laboratory Manager; Chemical Hygiene Officer

Phone: 206-281-2947
Office: Eaton 225

Education: BS, Olivet Nazarene University, 1984; MSc Program, University of Waterloo, 1995. At SPU since 1996.

Sue Martin arrived at Seattle Pacific having worked at three other universities (University of Waterloo, Purdue University, and Olivet Nazarene University) in a similar capacity for over 11 years. It was while working full-time as the Chemistry Prep Chemist & Biochemistry Senior Lab Coordinator, and working on her master’s in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, that SPU approached her to consider moving to Seattle to become the Laboratory Manager for Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Ms. Martin’s responsibilities at SPU include ensuring that all faculty, students, and lab staff are trained to work safely in the laboratories of Eaton Hall; maintaining inventory of chemicals and equipment; hiring and supervising two full-time lab coordinators and numerous student workers to assist in organizing all chemistry and biology laboratory experiments; and reviewing, revising, and enforcing the Chemical Hygiene Plan. From 1997 until the completion of Science Building, now Eaton Hall, Ms. Martin was involved in the planning of the building, as well as coordinating the moving of existing equipment and ordering of new equipment, then outfitting all the laboratories and storerooms.

During the academic year, she teaches "Introduction to Chemistry," as well as laboratory sections for several different chemistry courses. When Ms. Martin is not at SPU, you may find her leading worship with her husband at church, working on Bible Quizzing or piano with her daughters, or watching a hockey game with the entire family.

Selected Publications

  • Taylor, S.K.; Bischoff, D.S.; Blankespoor, C.L.; Deck, P.A.; Harvey (Martin), S.M.; Johnson, P.L.; Marloewski, A.E.; Mork, S.W.; Motry, D.H.; and Van Eenenaam, R. (1990). “Competitive Intramolecular Cyclizations of Epoxides to Aromatic and Double Bond Positions,” Journal of Organic Chemistry 55, 4202.
  • Taylor, S.K.; Blankespoor, C.L.; Harvey (Martin), S.M.; Richardson, L.J. (1988). “Friedel-Crafts Cyclialkylations of Some Epoxides. 3. Cyclizations of Tertiary and Meta-Substituted Arylalkyl Epoxides,” Journal of Organic Chemistry 53, 3309.
  • Taylor, S.K.; Davisson, M.E.; Hissom, Jr., B.R.; Brown, S.L.; Pristach, H.A., Schramm, S.B.; Harvey (Martin), S.M. (1987). “Friedel-Crafts Cyclialkylations of Some Epoxides.  2. Stereospecificity, Substituent, Product, and Kinetic Studies,” Journal of Organic Chemistry 52, 425.

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Why I Work at SPU

Sue Martin, Laboratory Manager; Chemical Hygiene Officer

“I work at SPU because I believe God led me here to develop a well-organized laboratory program. I teach at SPU to help students to be outstanding, enthusiastic scientists and to know that God is in, and in control of, everything, down to the smallest subatomic particle.”