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Derek Wood

Derek Wood

Professor of Biology; Assistant Provost for Faculty Scholarship and Grants

Email: woodd1@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2955
Office: Eaton 108

Education: BS, Washington State University, 1991; PhD, University of Arizona, 1997. At SPU since 2004.

Dr. Wood joined the Biology Department at SPU in 2004 after serving in the Microbiology Department at the University of Washington, where he remains an affiliate faculty member. Dr. Wood’s research is focused on microbial functional genomics, and his research groups have sequenced and analyzed the genomes of many bacteria over the years, including members of the genus Agrobacterium, which are important in biotechnology and plant disease.

A critical component of Dr. Wood’s work is to engage and educate undergraduate students in the processes of science through participation in real-world research projects in the classroom. He is a founding member of the National Science Foundation-funded Guiding Education through Novel Investigation (GENI) program, which provides instructors and students with access to protocols, data collection resources, and collaboration resources that allow them to participate in authentic research projects in classrooms across the country.

Selected Publications

  • Slater S, Setubal JC, Goodner B, Houmiel K, Sun J, Kaul R, Goldman BS, Farrand SK, Almeida N Jr, Burr T, Nester E, Rhoads DM, Kadoi R, Ostheimer T, Pride N, Sabo A, Henry E, Telepak E, Cromes L, Harkleroad A, Oliphant L, Pratt-Szegila P, Welch R and Wood D. 2013. The Genome of Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58: Reconciliation of sequence data, updated annotation, and distribution of linear chromosome in genus Agrobacterium. Appl Environ Microbiol. 79(4):1414–7.
  • João C. Setubal, Patricia dos Santos, Barry S. Goldman, Helga Ertesvåg, Guadelupe Espin, Luis M. Rubio, Svein Valla, Nalvo F. Almeida, Divya Balasubramanian, Lindsey Cromes, Leonardo Curatti, Zijin Du, Eric Godsy, Brad Goodner, Kaitlyn Hellner-Burris, José A. Hernandez, Katherine Houmiel, Juan Imperial, Christina Kennedy, Timothy J. Larson, Phil Latreille, Lauren S. Ligon, Jing Lu, Mali Mærk, Nancy M. Miller, Stacie Norton, Ina P. O’Carroll, Ian Paulsen, Estella Raulfs, Rebecca Roemer, James Rosser, Daniel Segura, Steve Slater, Shawn L. Stricklin, David J. Studholme, Jian Sun, Carlos J. Viana, Erik Wallin, Baomin Wang, Cathy Wheeler, Huijun Zhu, Dennis R. Dean, Ray Dixon, Derek Wood. 2009. The genome sequence of Azotobacter vinelandii, an obligate aerobe specialized to support diverse anaerobic metabolic processes. J Bacteriol. 191(14):4534-4545 (Journal Cover)
  • Slater SC, Goldman BS, Goodner B, Setubal JC, Farrand SK, Nester EW, Burr TJ, Banta L, Dickerman AW, Paulsen I, Otten L, Suen G, Welch R, Almeida NF, Arnold F, Burton OT, Du Z, Ewing A, Godsy E, Heisel S, Houmiel KL, Jhaveri J, Lu J, Miller NM, Norton S, Chen Q, Phoolcharoen W, Ohlin V, Ondrusek D, Pride N, Stricklin SL, Sun J, Wheeler C, Wilson L, Zhu H, Wood D.W. 2009. Genome Sequences of Three Agrobacterium Biovars help Elucidate the Evolution of Multichromosome Genomes in Bacteria. J Bacteriol 191(8):2501-2511.
  • Wood DW, Setubal JC, Kaul R, Monks DE, Kitajima JP, Okura VK, Zhou Y, Chen L, Wood GE, Almeida NF Jr, Woo L, Chen Y, Paulsen IT, Eisen JA, Karp PD, Bovee D Sr, Chapman P, Clendenning J, Deatherage G, Gillet W, Grant C, Kutyavin T, Levy R, Li MJ, McClelland E, Palmieri A, Raymond C, Rouse G, Saenphimmachak C, Wu Z, Romero P, Gordon D, Zhang S, Yoo H, Tao Y, Biddle P, Jung M, Krespan W, Perry M, Gordon-Kamm B, Liao L, Kim S, Hendrick C, Zhao ZY, Dolan M, Chumley F, Tingey SV, Tomb JF, Gordon MP, Olson MV, Nester EW. 2001. The genome of the natural genetic engineer Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58. Science 294 (5550): 2317–23. (Journal Cover)
  • Wood, D. W., F. Gong, M. M. Daykin, P. Williams, and L. S. Pierson III. 1997. N-acyl-homoserine lactone-mediated regulation of phenazine gene expression by Pseudomonas aureofaciens 30–84 in the wheat rhizosphere. J. Bact. 179 (24): 7663–60.

Please see Dr. Wood's CV (PDF) for additional publications.

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Derek Wood

Derek Wood

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Derek Wood, Interim Co-Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, STEM and Social Sciences Division; Professor of Biology

"Teaching is a core part of my Christian focus on service, and I am blessed to work with our students at SPU who share a deep desire to help those in need. It is my hope to best prepare them for the challenges they will face in their lives and careers by teaching them to effectively, thoughtfully, and gracefully apply their knowledge to best serve the many needs of our world."