Leslie Rodriguez-Salas

If you are interested in meeting with Leslie, please email stepstostem@gmail.com, indicating the name of the peer mentor you wish to meet with.

Leslie Rodriguez-SalasAfter graduating from SPU in June 2019, I began working in Pediatrics at the Polyclinic as a Medical Scribe. In addition to working as scribe, I have two other part-time jobs, and currently preparing to apply to medical school this upcoming summer. I moved from Utah to Seattle for my undergraduate career at SPU and graduated with a BS in Biochemistry. While I was at SPU, I worked on four research projects with Dr. Jennifer Tenlen and Dr. Derek Wood. During my junior and senior year, I was the Learning Assistant (LA) for the BioCORE Scholars Program for underreoresented students. Prior to working as an LA, I was a peer mentor, and part of the first cohort of the BioCORE Scholars Program. I was also part of the Pre-Health Club for two years and was the VP of the Pre-Health Club during 2018-2019. To conclude my quarter at SPU, I was award by the science department the “Excellence in Leadership Award.”

Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 5-8pm work best for me!