Summer Research Program (past)

The Summer Research Program brings together students and faculty from the STEM departments at SPU (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, and Engineering). During the summer, SPU students and faculty meet weekly to share research progress through informal talks. Through these meetings, you’ll gain experience in presenting your research to a diverse audience and receive valuable feedback about your research. The program culminates in a research symposium and barbecue.

SPU Summer Research Symposium 2016

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(front, kneeling): Maya Swineheart, Dr. Derek Wood and Mariah Conley. (2nd row), Loa Griesbach, Genny Roberts, Jonathan Corcoran, Emma Honeyman, Jane Paeng, Jack O'Hara, Elizabeth Knodel, Dr. Minhee Lee, Dr. Wade Grabow. (3rd row) Dr. Jenny Tenlen, Sierra Decker, Shamil Hasanov, Braeden Wiebe, Charles Mitchell. (back row) Jeb English, Dr. Janet Bester-Meredith, Dr. Ryan Ferrer and daughter, Eleanor, and Dr. Samantha Robinson.

August 25, 2016

Symone Tran and Jonathan Cochran (Robinson Lab). O2 Reactivity of First-Row Transition Metal Complexes with Synthesized Iminopyridine Ligands.

Mariah Conley (Bester-Meredith Lab). Exploring the Impact of Olfaction on Short-Term and Long-Term Maternal Recognition in Peromyscus californicus.

Braeden Wiebe (Tenlen Lab). Identifying homologs of Notch signaling pathway genes in the tardigrade Hypsibius dujardini.

Genny Roberts (Wood Lab). Epigenetics of host-pathogen interaction: a study of Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58.

Loa Griesbach and David Salguero (Wood Lab). F5R19 Genome Closure.

Jeb English (Ferrer Lab). Effects of salicylic acid on germination.

Sierra Decker (Daane Lab). Shifts in Students' Views about Diversity in Physics.

Jane Paeng (Daane Lab). Effective Methods of Student Engagement with Energy.

Charles Mitchell and Jack O’Hara (Grabow Lab). RNA self-assembly and RNA induced fluorescence.

Emma Honeyman (Schofield Lab). Vibrational data of thioformic and thioacetic-acid water dimers.

Elizabeth Knodel (Schofield Lab). A Many Body Approach to Frequency Shifts of Solvated Systems.

SPU Summer Research Symposium 2015

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August 24, 2015

Ryan Alcantara (Wall-Scheffler Lab)
Ah Push it, Push it Real Good: the energetic cost of running with a stroller

Joseph Heindel (Schofield Lab)
Vibrational spectra of condensed phases calculated from an n-body approach

Cynthia Saleh (Tenlen and Long Labs)
Genetic diversity of Blakely Island black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus)

Sarah Grace and Justin Lavigueure (Arabian Lab)
3D printed transradial prosthetic arm

Justin Lavigueure (Arabian Lab)
e-NABLE prosthetic vocational adaptations

Loa Griesbach (Wood Lab)
Investigation of F5R19

Genny Roberts (Wood Lab)
Genome assembly & analysis of Agrobacterium rhizogenes

Jon Kettenring (Seeley Lab)
Electronics of cycling

Chelsea Spaniel (Nelson Lab)
Exploration of chemical and environmental factors

Grace Mammarella (Bethea Lab, Oregon National Primate Research Center)
Androgens, aggression, and postmenopausal hormone therapy in macaques

SPU Summer Research Symposium 2014

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August 21, 2014

Student research presented at the 2014 Summer Research Symposium included:

Clara Olson and Waverly James (Craft Lab), Successive Negative Contrast Effects in a Risk-Sensitive Foraging Procedure

Dylan Marashi and Tucker Rogers (Grabow Lab), Split-Spinach 2.0

Rebecca Pedersen and Jenna Herrman (Wall-Scheffler Lab), Prehistoric seasonal use of Ammotragus lervia in Taforalt Cave

Grace Mammarella, Maya Swinehart, and Melissa Rowe (Bester-Meredith Lab), The Effects of AVP and Olfaction on Maternal Aggression and Parental Behavior

Madison Strawn (Pierce Lab), Identification and Quantification of Paralytic Toxins in Puget Sound Shellfish and Seastars

Haley Vincent (Ferrer Lab), The Effects of Seastar Wasting Syndrome on the Puget Sound Ecosystem

Cara Lord and Patrick Nielsen (Tenlen Lab), Identifying Homologs of Conserved Germline Development Proteins in Tardigrades

Genny Roberts (Wood Lab), Unraveling Genetic Puzzles in Agrobacterium

Dustin Kress and Kelli Wilner (Grabow Lab), Characterization of a tertiary interaction found in the THF riboswitch

Barrett Estep (Arabian Lab), 3D Printed Prosthetics

Carmen Hové and Maya Thetford (Wall-Scheffler Lab), Interactions between thermoregulation and the metabolic cost of incline walking

SPU Summer Research Symposium 2013

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August 29, 2013

Thirteen students, representing seven labs, presented their work at the annual Summer Research Symposium. Among those attending were SPU President Dan Martin, SPU Provost Jeff Van Duzer, and College of Arts and Sciences Dean Bruce Congdon. We appreciate their support of our student researchers!

Student research presented at the 2013 Summer Research Symposium included:

Kai Akana and Evan Will (Wood Lab), Methylation of Genomic DNA in Agrobacterium

Carmen Hové (Wall-Scheffler Lab), The Humor Gender Gap: Does It Exist?

Alex Garcia, Grace Mammarella, and Melissa Rowe (Bester-Meredith Lab), The Effects of AVP and Olfaction on Maternal Aggression and Parental Behavior

Zach Ryan (Tenlen Lab), Identifying Homologues of Vasa, a Germline Protein, in Tardigrades

Jason Guieb-Laulualo and Clinton Jones (Tenlen Lab), Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Tardigrade Species from Blakely Island

Andrew Daman (McFarland Lab), Binding Analysis of Four MICA Isoforms

Suzanna Ohlsen (Schofield Lab), Infrared Absorption in Hydrogen Bonds of an Atmospheric Gas Phase Water Dimer Using Density Functional Theory

Kara Blaisdell (Schofield Lab), Understanding the Nature of Binding in Metal Organic Frameworks

Grant Andrews (Grabow Lab), Fluorescent Monitoring of RNA Assembly and Processing Using Split Spinach Aptamer


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