Health Center Charges

This is a list of common fees – others may also apply. If you have questions, please ask us. At this time, we are not charging students for rapid antigen COVID tests. PCR testing will be billed to insurance if available. 

All Office Visits Cost
Resident (on campus) students $0  (fee is included in Room/Board charges)
Commuter students (UG and Grad) $50 per academic quarter
No-show fee $15 (no charge if apt. is cancelled in advance)
Laboratory Charges $ Varies
If we have your insurance card on file, many labs may be billed to your insurance. Coverage varies and you should verify coverage with your insurance plan prior to ordering, if possible. We are NOT able to bill insurance for immunizations received on campus but most local pharmacies can. 
QFG (Tb blood test) $135
Measles titer $25
Rapid Antigen SARS CoV2 $0
PCR SARS CoV2  $140
Rapid strep $6
Rapid influenza $20
Urine pregnancy $6
Immunizations/Tb screening
MMR $135
Tdap $55
Hepatitis B $70
Hepatitis A $85
TB skin test $12
TB blood test (QFG) $135
 Flu Shot (students only) $0 for 2020/2021 school year
Ear irrigation $6
Medication injections $ Varies per medication
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