Medical Excuse Letters

Seattle Pacific University Health Services does not provide medical excuse notes for students due to illness, injury, and mental health problems that may lead to missed classes, exams, or academic deadlines.

It is the student’s responsibility to inform the professor prior to the missed class(es), just as the student would be expected to inform their place of employment prior to the start of a workday. It is also the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for missed classwork or to collect missed notes of lectures or other assignments, as necessary.

Absence from class should be a rare occurrence. Just as SPU strives to grow students of competence and character, Health Services encourages students to make healthy and mature decisions when they are sick. This includes healthy eating, adequate sleeping, following medical advice, and possibly missing classes when ill. All decisions about the impact of an absence and arrangements for making up missed work must be determined between the professor and student.

Health Services provides care to as many sick and/or injured students as possible, and does not verify short-term medical absences. This policy is consistent with recommendations from the American College Health Association and is similar to policies at other peer universities.

Assistance with ongoing illness or injury

Any student with an illness, injury, hospitalization or mental health problem requiring multiple absences should contact Health Services.

Health Services will help facilitate communication with Disability Support Services, the Office of the Registrar, and/or the Student Support Team.

Sample of student email notification for faculty

Professor ________

I am in _________ that meets on ______ at____:____ and I will miss class due to illness/injury. I have made arrangements for a friend in the class to take notes on the lecture and discussion. I would like to discuss any missed assignments with you as soon as I recover.

Thank you

Alexander hall

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