Insurance: Domestic students

Washington state offers the Washington Health Benefit Exchange to help state residents obtain affordable individual health insurance. As a student, you are considered a Washington resident and qualify for the Washington marketplace.

Remember: You must apply under your Washington address (i.e., your mailstop or physical Washington mailing address). Out-of-state prospective students must wait till they have a campus, or in-state, address.

We recommended that all students carry health insurance and verify coverage in Washington state.

More options

Compare insurance companies available in Washington on these websites:

Insurance: International students

International students in F-1 visa status are required to have medical insurance while studying in the United States and are automatically enrolled in the Lewer Mark Plan for International Students.

International students with a different visa category may be eligible for the Lewer Mark plan, but are not automatically enrolled. International students who are interested in purchasing insurance through Lewer Mark should contact International Student Services to inquire about eligibility and enrollment. 

More information on this plan is available from SPU’s International Student Services.


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