In Case of a Medical Emergency

Life-threatening conditions

For serious injuries or other clear threat to life, obtain paramedic and ambulance assistance immediately:

  • Call 206-281-2911, if you’re on-campus. (Dial x2911 from a campus phone.)
  • Call 911, if you’re off-campus.

Be prepared to say exactly where you are and what is wrong.

Examples of life-threatening conditions include:

  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Major injury (e.g., open chest wound with trouble breathing; spinal or neck injury with loss of sensation or motion; obvious fracture, especially with visible bone).
  • Extreme bee-sting reaction (hives, swelling, etc.).
  • Unconscious or unresponsive.

Local hospitals

Swedish Medical Center–Ballard (closest to campus)
5350 Tallman Ave.
Phone: 206-782-2700

(Across the Ballard Bridge; left at Walgreens; and on your left.)

Other Seattle-area hospitals.

Urgent conditions

When Health Services is open, come here. Call ahead to let us know you’re coming: 206-281-2231.

Seattle-area urgent care clinics.

Although the conditions below may not be life threatening, get a medical evaluation as soon as possible if you have these:

  • Significant pain (e.g., in the chest, abdomen, head, neck, or ear, especially with fever)
  • Asthma (when not responding to usual medication)
  • Possible fracture or dislocation
  • Laceration (a cut requiring stitches)

Non-urgent medical issues

At this time Health Services is encountering a high volume of COVID-19 related visits. We have very limited access for non-urgent or routine visits and may need to cancel or reschedule depending on the day.  Consider scheduling at local urgent care clinics if you need to be seen sooner. 

Make an appointment to be seen at Health Services by calling 206-281-2231 during office hours.

SPU Health Services does not endorse any hospital, urgent care, or physician office over another. Please check your insurance for applicable community services.

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