Health Requirements for Registration

Incoming student requirements

Before beginning their first quarter, all SPU students are required to complete an online medical history form and review or submit documentation of measles immunity and beginning Autumn Quarter 2021 (and continuing Winter Quarter 2022 and Spring Quarter 2022), a completed COVID-19 vaccination record. A registration hold may result if these requirements are not met. 

Instructions for completing these requirements: 

First: Medical History and Consent Forms

Log into the secure Patient Portal with your SPU credentials (do not share your SPU credentials with anyone as this provides access to your health records). We strongly encourage students to do this for themselves even if parents help to provide immunization records. 

Select Forms from the tabs across the top. 

Under Administrative - please select and complete the Medical History Form Student and the Consent Form Student. Submit your answers. Any form with a red * is required. 


Next: Immunization Documentation for COVID-19 and Measles 

Beginning with the Autumn 2021 quarter (and continuing to Winter and Spring Quarters 2022), SPU will require documentation of completed COVID-19 vaccination series as well as measles immunity for all students on campus. Measles immunity can be documented by 2 doses of MMR after age 1 or a positive antibody titer. Students are able to enter the dates of their vaccines and upload copies of official documentation from their healthcare or vaccine provider or state registry through our secure patient portal. Documentation of vaccination is due by 12/1/2021 for Winter Quarter and 3/1/2022 for Spring Quarter for all students. 

How to do it:

Go to the Home page of the Patient Portal and select the Immunization tab in the top row. If the required vaccine dates are not already entered, students can manually enter the dates of their MMR and COVID-19 doses under Required Immunizations AND upload a copy of the official documentation from their health care or vaccine provider or state registry under Upload and select Immunization History. Health Services staff will review this documentation and confirm the appropriate vaccine dates. 

Students can visit the Washington State immunization registry and sign up to view and print a copy of their immunization records. 

Exemption Requests:

SPU Immunization policy allows students to request a medical exemption (PDF) or religious exemption (PDF) from these requirements by completing and uploading one or both of the linked forms along with the supporting documentation as outlined in the form. Upload the completed request form by going to Upload and selecting the waiver type requested from the drop down menu. Students must submit completed exemption request forms to Health Services by 12/1/2021 for Winter Quarter and 3/1/2022 for Spring Quarter. Incomplete request forms will not be accepted. Students will receive a message through the patient portal confirming the status of their exemption request within 2 weeks. Students who have not submitted official documentation of vaccinations or completed exemption forms by 12/1/2021 or Winter Quarter or 3/1/2022 for Spring Quarter will not be able to move onto campus or attend class or campus activities. 


International Students

All International SPU Students are required to meet the Health Registration requirements above by submitting an online medical history form and documentation for COVID-19 and Measles vaccination. Documentation can be uploaded through the patient portal as described above. 

SPU will accept all FDA and WHO approved COVID-19 vaccines. Incoming International SPU travelers who are not able to access an approved vaccine prior to traveling to the US should contact Health Services as soon as possible before arriving on campus to document a plan to obtain vaccine and meet guidelines for travel. Information on temporary, conditional exemptions for International travelers is available here

Online Only Students
Students who are registering for only online classes and have no plans to be on campus for training, meetings, evaluations or for any other campus activities (including internships off campus) can request a temporary waiver from the immunization requirements. The Online Only waiver form is completed by the student, and reviewed and approved by the faculty or program advisor.  This exemption is good for one quarter only and needs to be resubmitted each quarter that the student is registered for classes only online.  Students who are in internships (not just online only classes) need to follow up with their faculty or program advisor to review the internship site requirements. This may require additional documentation. 


    Health Services
    Seattle Pacific University
    3307 Third Avenue West, Suite 110
    Seattle, WA 98119-1922

    Questions? Phone: 206-281-2231 or fax: 206-281-2674.

Request for records

Need a copy of your medical records (e.g., a copy of your immunization or screening histories)? We need a signed, written request on file. Here’s how to make a request.

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