Community Life

We are making plans to resume full campus operations in Autumn 2021 in light of COVID-19 and current Seattle-King County Public Health guidelines. More information will be posted soon. 

Our community at SPU grows stronger as we live together, participate in clubs and organizations together, and learn about others. In the process, community life defines our student experience.

Students in Hill Hall

Community Through Residence Life and Housing

The SPU experience is defined not just by what is learned in the classroom, but by lifelong friendships and memories made during everyday life in residence halls and campus apartments. We value the SPU residential experience, and believe you will, too.

Community Through Student Programs

The Collegium program offers a “home away from home” for commuter students. And the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership supports student transitions, wellness, and learning by fostering campus community through educational, social, and leadership opportunities.

Students exploring Seattle

Community Through Multi-Ethnic Programs

Diversity brings a richness to our campus. Multi-Ethnic Programs helps you explore racial and ethnic identity, and develop cross-cultural competence.

Community Through Athletics

With 14 varsity sports at the NCAA Division II level and a tradition of success on the field, on the track, in the gym, or on the water, it’s easy to see how Falcon pride helps define the student experience. Intramural sports and activities give you a chance to be active and nurture your competitive spirit.

Community Through ASSP

All undergraduate students belong to the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP), the umbrella organization for student government, Student Union Board (STUB), and clubs and organizations. ASSP is the channel through which you can influence decisions made on campus. Student Senate works out solutions to student concerns and bridges the gap between students and administration, faculty, and staff. ASSP organizes activities, worship experiences, ceremonies, special events, and outreach.

Students in Gwinn

Community Through Food

Meals together make friendships stronger. And Campus Dining provides tasty, well-prepared, and diverse meal options with fresh ingredients.


Students Serving Students

If you’re an undergraduate at SPU, you’re a member of ASSP. You’re represented by a dynamic group of elected officers and student employees, looking for ways to serve you.


The Arts at SPU

Explore the world-class academic programs that bring fine and performing arts to life at SPU.

Food in Gwinn Commons

Time to Eat!

As a student, it’s always good to know when the next meal (or snack) is ready.

Claire Fredriks

Welcome to Campus!

New to SPU? No worries. We have a (large!) team to show you around and introduce you.