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Office of Student Life

Office of Student Life
Seattle Pacific University
3307 Third Avenue West, Suite 212
Seattle, WA 98119

If you have general questions:

Phone: 206-281-2481
Fax: 206-281-2333
Office: Student Union Building (SUB), Second Floor

Contact Office of Student Life staff.


SPU is a Division II school

Dan Lepse, Athletic Director
Phone: 206-281-2175
Fax: 206-281-2266
Office: Royal Brougham Pavilion, second floor

Community Life

Chuck Strawn, Associate Vice President, Dean for Students
Phone: 206-281-2845
OfficeStudent Union Building (SUB), Second Floor

Multi-Ethnic Programs

Supports the exploration and development of racial and ethnic identity, as well as cross-cultural competence for all students.

Joyce Del Rosario, Director
Phone: 206-281-2598
Fax: 206-281-2333
Office: Weter Hall, Third Floor

Residence Life  

Fosters living-learning communities through on-campus housing, as well as educational programming.

Gabriel Jacobsen, Director
Phone: 206-281-2099
Fax: 206-281-2333
Office: Student Union Building (SUB), Second Floor

Student Involvement and Leadership

Welcomes students through orientation and connects students to leadership opportunities, campus activities, and commuter resources.

Susie England Becker, Director
Phone: 206-281-2247
Fax: 206-281-2333
Office: Weter Hall, Third Floor


Health Services

Provides reduced-cost health care for students, from wellness checks to specialist referrals, staffed by nurse practitioners.

Kristen Jones, Director
Phone: 206-281-2231
Fax: 206-281-2674
Office: Watson Hall, First Floor

Student Counseling Center

Offers mental health support services to undergraduate students, providing short-term counseling sessions on campus, same-day visits for urgent concerns, and personalized referrals to counselors in the area for ongoing needs.

Sharon Barr-Jeffrey, Director
Phone: 206-281-2657
Office: Watson Hall, First Floor

Experiential Learning and Student Success

Provides strategic vision and guidance for services and opportunities designed to help students persist to graduation, deepen their learning, and prepare for life after college.

Jenny Elsey, Associate Vice President, Dean for Student Success
Phone: 206-281-2015
Office:Student Union Building (SUB), Second Floor


Center for Career and Calling

Provides vocational exploration, résumé support, networking events, and career counseling.

Veronica Zhu, Director
Phone: 206-281-2485
Fax: 206-281-2886
Office: Student Union Building (SUB), Second Floor

Academic Support Center

Offers students guidance and resources to support their academic success, including tutoring and Disability Support Services.

Kati Barr, Assistant Director
Phone: 206-281-2475
Fax: 206-286-7348
Office: Lower Moyer Hall

International Student Services

Offers advising on international student visa requirements, best strategies for cultural adjustment to the American university and programming to celebrate student home culture and language. 

Rachel Goodrich, Assistant Director
Phone: 206-281-2673
Fax: 206-286-7348
Office: Student Union Building (SUB), Second Floor

Study Abroad

Offers students guidance and resources for cross-cultural engagement, including international experiences, through Study Abroad Opportunities

Jessi Adamson, Program Manager
Phone: 206-281-2366
Fax: 206-286-7348
Office: Student Union Building (SUB), Second Floor


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