Martin Martinez

Martin Martinez (Main)My journey to SPU was very long. Before starting college, I was in the military for five years and went overseas three times. When I got out of the military, there weren’t many doors open for me — I was in the infantry and that doesn’t necessarily translate very well into civilian life. 

But I knew I didn’t want to spend so much time away from my wife, and I wanted to further my education so that when I have kids, they can see the importance of having a college education through my experience. I first attended Pierce College and then Bellevue College, and soon after I transferred to SPU.

I chose to study Applied Human Biology because people in my family were misinformed and afraid of doctors and the health care field in general. I want to help them understand that navigating the health care field is not a chore, but can be rewarding. After graduation, I plan on working in a hospital emergency room and applying to a master’s program for physician assistants.

SPU incorporates faith into the classroom, and I really like that. The professors understand that faith and science can be reconciled, and they explain those concepts. Everyone has the chance to express their opinion. My faith has grown in that I can now reconcile science and my faith. Before coming to SPU I was not very religious, but the professors’ passion about their work really inspires me. They try to help you quantitatively and qualitatively understand the Bible. As Plato says, “We are twice armed if we fight with faith.”

The program is honestly very diverse and humbling. You get to experience an array of classes and talk with your professors outside of class if you want. The professors want you to succeed and, most of the time, understand that not every student is the same and each one comes from a different background.

Dr. Wood and Dr. Bartlett are two of the best professors I’ve ever encountered. Their willingness to help students is amazing and unparalleled. Dr. Bartlett’s excitement about organic chemistry is strong, and you can see the passion in his eyes for his students when they succeed or when they fail. Dr. Wood’s lectures in microbiology are very profound. 

I could go on and on about these professors, but ultimately they helped reinforce that I should do what I love and do it with passion. Dr. Tenlen is one of the most helpful professors I have met at SPU as well. She makes herself available to her students and will sit down and explain the material until you understand.


Cheyenne Randolph

"Coming to SPU is one of the best decisions I have made. I’m not particularly religious, but having the religion classes integrated into my education has made me a more open-minded person."


Jubilee Brenneman

"The highlight of my experience in the Biology Department has been my time researching with Dr. Eric Long at Blakely Island last summer. I walked many transects through the woods with a GPS, laser rangefinder, and compass, collecting data on the number of deer inhabiting the island."