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Registered Student Organizations

What Is a Student Organization?

A Registered Student Organization (RSO) at Seattle Pacific University is organized by students, led by students, and funded by students.  Registered Student Organizations and their leaders follow all University policies and procedures in addition to federal, state, and local laws. All RSOs are advised by a faculty or staff advisor, who offers support and resources.

There are two categories for RSOs:

  •    Department-Affiliated RSOs
  •    Clubs

Department-Affiliated RSO

A department-affiliated RSO has a mission/purpose that directly aligns with the core mission/purpose of a University department. These organizations usually have a history and tradition within the University department. Because of the common purpose, there is a need for high interaction and shared leadership between student leaders and the department. Typically, advising the affiliated organization is part of a particular staff member's job description. The leadership model for department-affiliated RSOs consists of a student leader who represents student members, a student leader from the ASSP Office Core who represents the student body, and a faculty or staff advisor. Department-affiliated RSOs are organized in categories that reflect the department purpose or function.

Student Organization Resource Manual

Wallace Field Guidelines


Clubs are affinity groups organized around a common passion or interest. Clubs are organized and led by students, and are connected to the ASSP Vice President of Campus Activities. All clubs are advised by a staff or faculty member who shares a similar interest. Student clubs at SPU may become official ASSP clubs by applying for and becoming registered with the Committee for Student Clubs. Registration entitles these organizations to ASSP services, including recognition in student publications and fiscal support from ASSP.

Being in a club at Seattle Pacific University provides you with an opportunity that is unique in comparison to other leadership positions on campus: Clubs offer the exciting possibility for anyone to leave their individualized mark on the SPU community in a very personalized way. In addition, clubs are the least restrictive and most flexible of all ASSP organizations. Anyone can apply to start a club and receive funding for their club from ASSP. Finally, clubs are an excellent means of gaining leadership experience because they require vision, initiative, and creativity on the part of the leaders. 

Registered Student Club List

Club Resource Manual

Wallace Field Guidelines

For information on club criteria or starting a club at SPU, contact the Vice President for Campus Activities at 206-281-2498.

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