Seattle Pacific University Posting Policy

Student Union Building, Gwinn Commons, Collegium, Weter Memorial Hall

General Information

  • All postings for display on campus must be approved by OSIL Professional Staff or student staff at The BRANCH desk.
  • Approved postings may be posted for no more than two weeks.
  • Materials may be posted using push pins or staples on the bulletin boards.
  • With the exception of blue painter’s tape, tape is not permitted on wall surfaces.
  • Posted materials will be inspected twice each week; unapproved items will be removed.
  • Organizations responsible for any damages from posting will be held financially responsible.
  • Items posted elsewhere on campus must be approved by the building administrator.
  • For special displays, contact the building manager or Conference Services.
  • Posting is not permitted in Martin Square, outdoor campus spaces (including exterior pillars), or on any windows.

Content Rules

  • Materials must align with the mission of Seattle Pacific University, lifestyle expectations, and other general written procedures.
  • Credit card advertising is not permitted.
  • Slanderous materials are not permitted.
  • Sandwich boards must contain campus approved materials and must only advertise campus events, programs, and services.
  • Churches and para-church ministries wishing to post materials on campus must seek approval with the Office of University Ministries. More information here.
  • All materials must provide the name of the organization sponsoring the event.

Description of Designated Areas

Materials may only be posted in approved areas:

Student Union Building (three postings per organization)

  • Bulletin boards
  • Wall space adjacent to the north staircase
  • No posting is permitted on windows, pillars, and other wall space.
  • Table tents are permitted with permission from the SUB Manager.

Weter Memorial Hall (two postings per organization)

  • Bulletin board
  • Wall space to the right of the fireplace
  • Pillars
  • No posting is permitted on windows or walls displaying artwork.

Gwinn Commons (one posting per organization)

  • Bulletin board
  • Concrete walls (No posting on brick)